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"Banderlings are the larger cousins of Drudges, Mosswarts and Tumeroks. They are even less intelligent than other humanoids, but make up for this with sheer brutality. They prefer to fight in small packs, using heavy weapons or their sharp claws. On average, they stand seven feet tall, though their chiefs are even larger. Forest-dwellers by nature, they can also be found in Tumerok strongholds and dungeons near the Aluvian lands."
--Town Network Painting

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Name Level 
Banderling Aggressor 135
Banderling Ancient Spirit 100
Banderling Antagonist 100
Banderling Bandit 50
Banderling Berserker 80
Banderling Blade 20
Banderling Bloodblade 20
Banderling Breeder 15
Banderling Captain 15
Banderling Champion 160
Banderling Chanter 100
Banderling Chief 20
Banderling Crusher 185
Banderling Enforcer 100
Banderling Explorer 100
Banderling Guard 15
Banderling Hierophant 160
Banderling Leader 20
Banderling Mangler 100
Banderling Mauler 100
Banderling Ogre 20
Banderling Paragon 160
Banderling Predator 115
Banderling Raider Guardian 8
Banderling Raider 15
Banderling Raver 15
Banderling Rogue 60
Banderling Savage 115
Banderling Scalper 115
Banderling Scout 8
Banderling Slayer 100
Banderling Smasher 185
Banderling Spirit Dancer 100
Banderling Spirit Seeker 100
Banderling Striker 50
Banderling Thrasher 100
Banished Banderling 80
Dire Champion Banderling 135
Harraag 437
Oversized Banderling Ogre 20
Withered Banderling Hierophant 160
Withered Banderling Paragon 160
Young Banderling 8

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