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"Thousands of years ago, the Falatacot witches made visits to the world of Bur and influenced the direction of this world on a grand scale. They showed favor on a race called the Fiazhat, and the enemies of the Fiazhat -- the Burun -- were driven back and nearly rendered extinct. Over the long course of time, since the fall of the Falatacot civilization, the Burun have fought to reclaim their world. Their prophecies spoke of a time when the gates between worlds would open again, and they could take their vengeance upon the Fiazhat's gods. In Portal Year 15, an Isparian adventurer named Rage Lao accidentally triggered an ancient Falatacot portal beacon, re-opening the gates between Auberean and Bur. The first to come through were the smaller Ruuk Burun. Soon followed the mighty Guruk, and then the leaders know as the Kukuur."
--Town Network Painting

For more on the history of the Burun, see Burun Lore.

Name Level 
Bosh Bosh 215
Broodu 999
Browerk 999
Burun Messenger 135
Burun Ruuk Adept 50
Burun Ruuk Adherent Officer ??
Burun Ruuk Adherent Overseer ??
Burun Ruuk Adherent 80
Burun Ruuk Fiend 115
Burun Ruuk Lout 100
Burun Ruuk Ruffian 80
Burun Ruuk Savage 135
Burun Ruuk Scamp 40
Burun Ruuk Seer Watcher 100
Burun Ruuk Seer 100
Burun Ruuk Shaman Keeper 135
Burun Ruuk Shaman 135
Burun Ruuk Soothsayer 135
Glogluuk 130
Guruk Basher 100
Guruk Beast 115
Guruk Behemoth 135
Guruk Boor 100
Guruk Brute 115
Guruk Colossus 135
Guruk Crusher 115
Guruk Destroyer 135
Guruk Fiend 160
Guruk Gorefiend 160
Guruk Grunt 300
Guruk Hatchling 50
Guruk Heavy 100
Guruk Hulk 115
Guruk Marauder 80
Guruk Miscreant 100
Guruk Monstrosity 185
Guruk Plunderer 80
Guruk Pug 60
Guruk Smasher 115
Guruk Spore Leech 200
Guruk Spore Seeker 200
Guruk Titan Watcher 160
Guruk Titan 160
Keerik 999
Kiree 999
Morgluuk 200
Plocagruuk 150
Reeshan 999
Rehir 999
Ruuk Fiend Watcher 115
Ruuk Ranger 300
Ruuk Shaman Watcher 135
Thralled Guruk Beast 115
Thralled Guruk Brute 115
Thralled Guruk Colossus 135
Thralled Guruk Crusher 115
Thralled Guruk Destroyer 135
Thralled Guruk Heavy 100
Thralled Guruk Hulk 135
Thralled Guruk Monstrosity 175
Thralled Guruk Reaper 240
Thralled Guruk Smasher 115
Thralled Guruk Spore Leech 215
Thralled Guruk Spore Seeker 185
Thralled Guruk Titan 160
Thralled Ruuk Fiend 115
Thralled Ruuk Savage 135
Thralled Ruuk Seer 100
Thralled Ruuk Shaman 135
Thralled Ruuk Soothsayer 115

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