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Contracts provide a way track the acquisition and progress of quests. A contract initially takes the form of a written parchment. These parchments can be found in various places in the game such as rewards for quests or as Trophies, but most often they can be purchased from contract brokers and barkeeps who sell them instead of rumors. Contracts help you find quests ingame and also track your quest timers (repeat timers). Each new character is given 2 example contracts and an explanation of how to use them.

You can find assistant NPCs with the contract brokers in each of the four starters towns, they give out experience rewards every time you complete 5 of the starter town broker's contracts.

There is a maximum number of contracts (100) that a character can have active at one time. After this number is reached, the character must remove one or more contracts before more can be acquired. There is no penalty for removing and then re-adding a contract.

Contracts are color coded by quest level/difficulty. See also: Category:Quests by Level.

  •     Contract Blue Icon.png
    - Level 1-49
  •     Contract Green Icon.png
    - Level 50-99
  •     Contract Yellow Icon.png
    - Level 100-149
  •     Contract Orange Icon.png
    - Level 150-199
  •     Contract Red Icon.png
    - Level 200-275

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