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"Drudges are by far the weakest of the humanoid races, and are often kept by their stronger cousins as slaves or grunt warriors. They often scavenge on the fringes of human lands, preying on the weak and defenseless, and also lurk in shallow dungeons. Most of them stand about four feet tall, and fight with their claws; some employ crude weapons like knives and clubs. In combat, they attack in packs, and with little discipline. Be warned: there are a few varieties of Drudges that are more dangerous than the norm." --Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Altered Drudge 80
Ascendant Drudge 115
Augmented Drudge 80
Baktak the Human Slayer 80
Banished Drudge 80
Bonecrunch 161
Captain Burnja 135
Dire Champion Drudge 135
Drudge Aviator 115
Drudge Ballast 115
Drudge Balloon 115
Drudge Biter 135
Drudge Bloodletter 135
Drudge Cabalist 135
Drudge Caretaker 115
Drudge Hoarder 15
Drudge Laborer 115
Drudge Lurker 40
Drudge Mystic 115
Drudge Pilferer 200
Drudge Protector 180
Drudge Prowler 8
Drudge Ravener 80
Drudge Robber Baron 15
Drudge Robber 8
Drudge Sage 100
Drudge Seraph Mystic 160
Drudge Seraph 160
Drudge Servant 15
Drudge Skulker 8
Drudge Slave Keyholder 15
Drudge Slave 15
Drudge Slinker 8
Drudge Sneaker 8
Drudge Stalker 50
Drudge Stalker Pack Rat 50
Drudge Toiler 115
Drudge Vagabond 15
Fallen Drudge 160
Gloom Drudge 100
Heavy Drudge Prowler 8
Kernel Klank 115
Kerthump the Ear Taker 80
Matted Drudge Ravener 80
Murk Drudge 100
Northern Black Claw Leader 80
Northern Black Claw Raider 50
Peerless Drudge 135
Southern Black Claw Leader 80
Southern Black Claw Raider 50
Unconquered Drudge 115
Withered Drudge Seraph Mystic 160
Withered Drudge Seraph 160

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