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"Gear Knights hail from a world that is mostly artificial, appearing to have been crafted in layers over the original world's surface. Mana flows are surprisingly strong there, but markedly different in nature when compared to Auberean. This is demonstrated by the emergence of Aetheria, a form of coalesced mana which is the main form of sustenance for the Gear Knights. When the Yalaini originally made contact with the Gear Knights, they assumed the metal beings were some type of golem, but this was corrected and the Yalaini research team was told that the Gear Knights were the predominant race of the world. The race is very militaristic by nature, and some Yalaini debated (inconclusively) whether or not they may have originally been created as guardian golems for another race. Though they seem to be animated in a similar manner to Golems, they instead rely on a maze of small interconnected parts and gears, which allows them a far greater level of stability, and far less dependence on any sort of animating magics." --Town Network Painting

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Name Level 
Bodyguard 185
Bronze Gauntlet Guardian 60
Bronze Gauntlet Heavy Scout 185
Bronze Gauntlet Knight 185
Bronze Gauntlet Lesser Lord 80
Bronze Gauntlet Trooper 80
Copper Cog Guardian 80
Copper Cog Heavy Scout 185
Copper Cog Knight 185
Copper Cog Lesser Lord 80
Copper Cog Trooper 80
Frozen Gearknight 275
Gearall the Shield 300
Gold Gear Guardian 80
Gold Gear Heavy Scout 185
Gold Gear Knight 185
Gold Gear Lesser Lord 80
Gold Gear Trooper 80
Invading Bronze Gauntlet Knight 185
Invading Bronze Gauntlet Phalanx 135
Invading Bronze Gauntlet Squire 160
Invading Copper Cog Knight 185
Invading Copper Cog Phalanx 135
Invading Copper Cog Squire 160
Invading Iron Blade Commander 185
Invading Iron Blade Knight 185
Invading Iron Blade Phalanx 135
Invading Iron Blade Squire 160
Invading Silver Scope Knight 185
Invading Silver Scope Phalanx 135
Invading Silver Scope Squire 160
Iron Blade Arrival Guard 185
Iron Blade Guardian 80
Iron Blade Heavy Scout 185
Iron Blade Knight 185
Iron Blade Lesser Lord 80
Iron Blade Lieutenant 512
Iron Blade Lord 185
Iron Blade Overseer 300
Iron Blade Trooper 80
Iron Blade Warmaster 195
Kierien the Watcher 85
Kul Bronzegear 210
Silver Scope Guardian 80
Silver Scope Heavy Scout 185
Silver Scope Knight 185
Silver Scope Lesser Lord 80
Silver Scope Trooper 80
Stockpile Guardian 60
Stockpile Guardian 185
Subverted Bronze Gauntlet Knight 185
Subverted Copper Cog Knight 185
Subverted Iron Blade Knight 185
Subverted Silver Scope Knight 185
Turgos the Hunter 300
Warmaster Lurgiss 80

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