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"Lugians, a race of colossal gray giants, were among the first arrivals on Dereth. They are massive and strong, with the average Lugian being eight feet tall and weighing half a ton. They live, for the most part, in the Linvak Mountains in the southernmost reaches of the island, but rogues and scouts have been sighted in dungeons elsewhere. Lugians are determined, single-minded fighters. Their substantial fists, and even more dangerous weapons, can crush a common Isparian with a single blow." --Town Network Painting

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Name Level 
Amploth Lugian 20
Banished Lugian 80
Bokrok Lugian 100
Captain Keeson ?
Extas Lugian 80
Gigas Lugian 50
Guardian of Linvak Tukal 135
Kroktok Lugian 115
Laigus Lugian 20
Lithos Lugian 40
Lugian Guardian ?
Lugian Juggernaut 135
Lugian Lackey 240
Lugian Minion 240
Obeloth Lugian 30
Oggma 200
Shadow Annihilator 100
Shadow Annihilator 115
Shadow Annihilator 135
Shadow Annihilator 160
Shadow Commander 115
Shadow Infiltrator 115
Shadow Seeker 100
Tiatus Lugian 100
Tiatus Overseer 210
Tiatus Smithy 190
Tukora Commander 220
Tukora Lieutenant 185
Tukora Sentinel 185
Watcher's Guard 135

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