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"The three-eyed Monouga are highland dwellers who have also taken to living in derelict dungeons. They are aggressive warriors who fight with crude weapons and have a totemistic fascination with fire. Five to six feet tall at adulthood, they continue to grow as they age. Once they reach a certain size, however, their muscles can no longer support their weight. These frail "giants " are cast out into the wild, easy prey for other creatures. Some say that in certain valley in the direlands, Monouga of tremendous size and strength can be found, standing as tall as the trees. It is not known how they grew to such a size while retaining such incredible strength." --Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Banished Monouga 80
Bloodthirsty Monouga 100
Brutish Monouga 50
Crude Monouga 30
Cruel Monouga 80
Cunning Monouga 80
Dire Champion Monouga 115
Ferocious Monouga 60
Giant Imprisoned Monouga 999
Grizzled Monouga 50
Huge Imprisoned Monouga 499
Insidious Monouga 115
Large Imprisoned Monouga 115
Merciless Monouga 100
Outcast Lord 15
Outcast Monouga 8
Pugnacious Monouga 100
Rough Monouga 20
Terrible Monouga 100
Tremendous Baby Monouga 499
Tremendous Monouga 999
Unruly Monouga 80
Wild Monouga 30
Wily Monouga 60

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