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"Olthoi are a scourge upon the land: insectoid engines of death standing from seven to eight feet tall. They are responsible for the Empyrean's flight from the world, and until recently ran rampant across Dereth. Their numbers have diminished since Elysa Strathelar and Thorsten Cragstone overthrew them, but they can still be found deep in their dark, underground hives. Olthoi are fast, vicious fighters, impaling victims with their huge digging claws and eviscerating them with their smaller, razor-sharp talons. Once they choose a foe they continue to attack until that foe is dead. To them, anything that is not an Olthoi is either prey or a potential slave." --Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Adolescent Olthoi 2
Adolescent Olthoi Brood Matron 115
Adolescent Olthoi Brood Queen 115
Altered Olthoi 100
Augmented Olthoi 100
Banished Olthoi 80
Crazed Olthoi 265
Demon Swarm Clawbearer 135
Demon Swarm Matron 135
Injured Olthoi 15
Lacerator 115
Mutated Olthoi 115
Olthoi Nymph (Putiputi) 30
Olthoi Advance Guard 100
Olthoi Brood Matron 135
Olthoi Brood Matron (East) 135
Olthoi Brood Matron (North) 100
Olthoi Brood Matron (South) 80
Olthoi Brood Matron (West) 115
Olthoi Brood Matron Nymph 100
Olthoi Brood Noble 125
Olthoi Brood Queen Elder 135
Olthoi Brood Queen Nymph 80
Olthoi Drone 40
Olthoi Elder Brood Matron 115
Olthoi Eviscerator 80
Olthoi Gardener 30
Olthoi Guard 80
Olthoi Harvester 20
Olthoi Hive Brood 265
Olthoi Hive Eviscerator 220
Olthoi Hive Guardian 265
Olthoi Hive Mutilator 200
Olthoi Hive Noble 200
Olthoi Hive Piercer 220
Olthoi Hive Queen 300
Olthoi Hive Soldier 200
Olthoi Hive Warrior 240
Olthoi Keeper 115
Olthoi Lancer 100
Olthoi Legionary 60
Olthoi Mutilator 115
Olthoi Needler 50
Olthoi Nettler 20
Olthoi Noble 80
Olthoi Noble (Queen Quest) 90
Olthoi Noble (Level 100) 100
Olthoi Nymph 30
Olthoi Piercer 80
Olthoi Primordial 160
Olthoi Progenitor 160
Olthoi Queen (Apparition) 87
Olthoi Queen (Egg Bearing) 200
Olthoi Queen (Royal Hive) 200
Olthoi Ripper 200
Olthoi Royal Guard 100
Olthoi Sentinel 160
Olthoi Sentinel (Ancient Queen) 161
Olthoi Servant 80
Olthoi Slasher 185
Olthoi Slayer 185
Olthoi Soldier 60
Olthoi Soldier (Queen Quest) 80
Olthoi Swarm Drone 80
Olthoi Swarm Eviscerator 115
Olthoi Swarm Gardener 50
Olthoi Swarm Guardian 115
Olthoi Swarm Harvester 40
Olthoi Swarm Legionary 100
Olthoi Swarm Matron 135
Olthoi Swarm Mutilator 135
Olthoi Swarm Noble 100
Olthoi Swarm Nymph 60
Olthoi Swarm Soldier 100
Olthoi Swarm Warrior 115
Olthoi Swarm Worker 100
Olthoi Vanquisher 115
Olthoi Warrior 115
Olthoi Worker 50
Paradox-touched Olthoi Warrior 160
Royal Olthoi Guardian 115
Swarm Demon 200
Yanshi Swarm Matron 135
Young Olthoi 2
Young Olthoi Brood Matron 115
Young Olthoi Brood Queen 100
Young Olthoi Queen 115

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