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"Rats are as much a fact of life on Dereth as they were on Ispar. The rodents in this world are of unusual size, however, being two or more feet from nose to tail. While most are easy to kill, they can still be daunting when they attack in swarms. They dwell on the fringes of human habitation, and have also overrun many shallow dungeons. They attack with startling speed, leaping to sink their teeth into their victims." --Town Network Painting

Name Level 
Black Rat 15
Black Rat (145) 145
Blight Rat 135
Blood Curse Rat 250
Brown Mouse 1
Brown Rat 8
Brown Rat (145) 145
Carrion Rat 200
Contagion Rat 135
DeathTail 300
Dee Dee 80
Desert Rat 15
Direland Rat 100
Giant White Rat 80
Grave Rat 135
Grey Rat 8
Infectious Rat 220
Infested Rat 115
Joey 80
Large Blight Rat 135
Large Carrion Rat 205
Large Silver Rat 30
Max 300
Mountain Rat 20
Pestilence Rat 135
Rat King 40
Red Rat 15
Russet Rat 8
Scavenging Rat 200
Scourge 160
Sewer Rat 50
Silver Rat 30
Swamp Rat 15
Tan Rat 8
Wasteland Rat 80
White Mouse 1
White Rat 8
White Rat (145) 145

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