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"The Sclavus is not a natural monster, but rather a magical crossbreed of serpent and humanoid. They were created ages ago by the Falatacot, one of the Empyrean cultures, as a servant race. A variety of different subraces exist, ranging in size from four to seven feet tall. Sclavi fight viciously with swords and spears, and are also powerful spellcasters. Swamps, ruins, and deep dungeons are their homes."
--Town Network Painting

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Name Level 
Afessa Sclavus Guardian 235
Afessa Sclavus Soldier 240
Afesse Sclavus 160
Armored Afessa Sclavus Veteran 240
Armored Illu Sclavus Veteran 240
Armored Siessa Sclavus Veteran 220
Aste Sclavus 20
Aste Sclavus Lord 100
Aste Soul Harrier 100
Aste Soul Renderer 95
Blight Guardian 215
Chomu Disciple 100
Chomu Sclavus 100
Chomu Sclavus Lord 115
Cold One 100
Essa Sclavus 30
Essa Sclavus Lord 100
Essa Soul Harrier 100
Essa Soul Renderer 100
Faisi Disciple 80
Faisi Sclavus 80
Faisi Sclavus Lord 115
Guardian Sclavus 220
Illu Sclavus 185
Illu Sclavus Soldier 240
Kathirik 240
Laisu Sclavus 220
Santa Sclavus 275
Sata Sclavus 60
Sata Sclavus Lord 115
Sclavus Acolyte of T'thuun 220
Sclavus Attacker 220
Sclavus Marauder 220
Sclavus Neophyte 220
Sclavus Patrol 220
Sclavus Raider 185
Sclavus Ritualist 185
Sclavus Sacrificer 100
Sclavus Sentinel 225
Se Sclavus 15
Siessa Sclavus 135
Siessa Sclavus Soldier 240
Skith'Kirit 24
Strange Sclavus 115
T'thuun Sclavus Huntsmaster 240
Tch'Keryk the Emissary 235
Tchk'Tain the Tender 235
Temple Guardian 100
Tikchti 240
Ulu Sclavus 80
Ulu Sclavus Lord 100

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