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Archmage.png Scriveners can be found in most towns and sell Level I to VI spell scrolls. They also sell Foci, part of the alternative spell component system that uses prismatic tapers and scarabs only. In general, all the scriveners for a particular town will be in the same building (sometimes on different floors and sometimes multiple scriveners that sell different level scrolls). So if you find one that isn't selling the level you're looking for, look for another NPC in the same building.

Level VII scrolls are only available as random loot drops on certain loot tiers. Level VIII scrolls must be crafted from special components. The foci can be replaced with open pack slots with special Augmentation Gems at high levels.

For NPCs that will teach you the spells automatically in exchange for trade notes, see: Category:Spell Instructor NPCs
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  • Apprentice Scriveners (Level I-II)
  • Journeyman Scriveners (Level III)
  • Scriveners (Level IV)
  • Master Scriveners (Level V)
  • Grand Master Scriveners (Level VI)

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