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"Shallows Sharks are a mutant breed of Reed Shark found along the shores of lakes and rivers. They look similar to their land-dwelling cousins, but are smaller and even more savage. They often lurk in shallow water, hiding until prey comes near. They do not like to share their territory with other creatures, including land-dwelling Reed Sharks."
--Town Network Painting

See also: Category:Reedshark

Name Level 
Gold Shallows Shredder 160
Great Devourer 200
Sand Lurker 200
Shallows Destroyer 60
Shallows Devourer 50
Shallows Gorger 160
Shallows Lurker 15
Shallows Shark 8
Shallows Shredder 160
Shallows Slayer 15
Trained Great Devourer 200

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