Spell components are required to cast spells in AC. Each spell has a unique component formula with a different scarab for each level of the spell. Originally spell formulae could be researched, now the only way to learn a spell is via a scroll. A new component system was introduced during the Castling event. Now players can use Foci, scarabs and prismatic tapers to cast all spells. Whichever system you use, you can quickly purchase your components by going to your Spellbook and selecting the Components tab. There you can specify the quantity you want to maintain, then with a trade window open to a mage shopkeeper, use the @fillcomps command then click buy. Note that to set a quantity, you must have at least one of that component currently in your inventory or it won't appear in the list.

Level VIII Components

During the Ancient Powers event, special one use components were introduced as part of the new loot tier. These components combine to make level VIII spell scrolls, see Spell Research for details.


Lead through Silver Scarabs can be purchased from any mage shopkeeper, Gold through Platinum Scarabs can be purchased from Mastermages.


Herbs can be purchased from any mage shopkeeper.

Powdered Gems

Powedered Gems can be purchased from any mage shopkeeper and can also be created by Alchemists grinding loot gems with a Mortar and Pestle.

Alchemical Substances




Peas are concentrated forms of spell components that can be purchased from a small number of mage shopkeepers, including Mastermages. Scarab peas can also be found as loot on creatures. To convert a pea to its usable form, use a Splitting Tool on the pea which creates 20-50 spell components. Most people sell the scarab peas they find for pyreals rather than split them to use the components.

Void Magic

The following components have not been and are not currently available in Dereth (you must use the Foci of Shadow). They can be seen in some Void Magic spell forumulae when no foci is held.


There are two spell component systems, one uses all the various herbs, talismans, potions, powders and tapers. The other uses prismatic tapers, scarabs and foci. A foci occupies an entire pack slot and cannot hold anything else. On creation, foci will automatically be given for any trained schools. Foci cannot be dropped or sold, give to a Town Crier if you need to free the pack slot. Foci can be purchased from any Scrivener, located in most Towns. By carrying a foci for a particular school, all spells in that school can be cast using the prismatic formula, which uses only scarabs and prismatic tapers. While some people still prefer the old component system (and can save space if you only cast a couple of spells), the majority of players now use the foci system for its simplicity.

All Spell Components

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