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Character Summary
Cellaurai / Alhallie Realaidain
Associated Groups:
Eras Active:
Important Dates:
  • TE 11 - Date of Birth
  • TE 504 - Beginning of Reign
  • HE 232 - Disappearance while visiting Haebrous

Related Characters:

  • The name Cellaurai means "Consecrated by Starlight".[1]
  • Original name:Alhallie Realaidain, daughter of Clari Loritane and Caerlin II, born in TE 11.[1]
  • Lady of Elancia and Aerlinthe after the death of her mother Clari Loritane in TE 413.[1]
  • Empress of the Yalaini, successor of Emperor Caerlin II, 10th in the Line of Alaidain. She assumes the Cerulaean Throne on TE 504 after her father died a natural death.[1][2]
  • Marries Lord Cashtal Ronain of Haebrous in TE 477. Lord Cashtal's last name is changed to Realaidain.[1]
  • In TE 761, with the development of practical portal travel by Asheron, Empress Cellaurai declares the Torethis Eipoth for concluded, and the Hyrethis Eipoth (Third Era of Lore) begins.[1]
  • HE 232: Empress Cellauri disappears while on a tour of Haebrous, with the ultimate intention of holding a moot with Nali Athanas and other high dignitaries of the reformed Northern Church at Aventin. The Haebrous report that her party attempted to ascend the peaks of the Venalben Range, where gromnatross are known to reside.[1] Her disappearance remains shrouded in mystery. The Nali's position was not questioned when the Empress went missing, rather she was called to assist in the investigation into the disappearance.[3]
  • After 18 months of unsuccessful searching, she is succeeded by her husband, Cashtal Realaidain, who names himself Emperor Kellin II, "The Righteous Lord".[1]


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