Introduced:  Release Updated:  Master of Arms
Cestus Icon
  • Value: 50
  • Burden: 135
  • Skill: Heavy Weapons (Unarmed Weapon)
  • Damage: 1 - 4 , Bludgeoning
  • Speed: Fast (20)
  • Bonus to Melee Defense: +5%
Cestus Live



Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Belbeca the Weaponsmith 78 Glenden Wood 29.9N, 25.8E
Blacksmith (Oolutanga) (Blacksmith) 78 Oolutanga's Refuge 2.4N, 95.4E
Blacksmith Bulidurg 95 Merwart Village 79.9N, 59.1E
Carsith the Weaponsmith 78 Arwic 33.6N, 56.6E
Dobblar 63 Kor-Gursha 67.4N, 30.5E
Dorlan the Armorer 68 Bluespire 39.2N, 75.5W
Extorl the Ox 68 Cragstone 25.8N, 49.2E
Fyrdina Ellic the Weaponsmith 78 Glenden Wood 29.9N, 27.1E
Geldeb Finol the Weaponsmith 85 Crater Lake Village 64.9N, 13.5E
Rundiscar the Weaponsmith 68 Eastham 17.4N, 63.5E
Ry'zir al-Nabit 90 Candeth Keep 87.3S, 67.3W
Sedor Wystan the Blacksmith 63 Holtburg 42.6N, 33.6E
Shopkeeper Hulmurg 95 Merwart Village 79.9N, 59.1E
Shunju Shinjin the Weaponsmith 68 Underground City
Sitrath the Smith 68 Lytelthorpe 0.8N, 51.5E
Vivaina, Shopkeep of Stonehold 90 Stonehold 68.6N, 21.7W
Weaponsmith (38.6N, 30.4E) (Weaponsmith) 78 38.6N, 30.4E - Weaponsmith's House 38.6N, 30.4E
Weaponsmith (Beach Fort) (Weaponsmith) 78 Beach Fort 76.0N, 49.0W
Weaponsmith Baizai En 68 Rithwic 10.3N, 58.3E
Weaponsmith Bornak the Crookblade 85 MacNiall's Freehold 74.2S, 92.2E
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