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There are no classes in Asheron's Call. Character Professions, also known as templates, are available as mere suggestions for starting skills and attributes along with suggested order of acquiring additional skills as the character is leveled. There are many popular character templates, both Turbine and player created.

If after creation you discover you made a mistake in selecting your attributes or you just wish to change them, you can adjust them with the Attribute and Skill Redistribution quest once you reach level 25.

Stock Professions

Characters created using stock templates will receive the profession name as their first ingame title.



These templates were Retired in the Crests of a Turbulent Sea event.

Custom templates

Character created using custom templates will receive the title "Adventurer".

Magic Templates

Melee Templates

Missile Templates

Mule/Crafter Templates

Hybrid Templates


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Update history

Crests of a Turbulent Sea

  • Original character templates were revised with new names and abilities.

Master of Arms

  • "Stock templates" updated with the new skills, though the names remained the same.