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Introduced:  A New Threat

Loot-generated Chiran Armor

Armor Summary
Name: Chiran Armor
Heritage: Sho, tier III
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot


  • Named after Chiran-Tou, the island named after the Unicorn of Grace and the location of the capital of the Sho Empire on Ispar.
  • The armor consists of 5 (legs, coat, helm, gauntlets, sandals) parts.
  • Some parts of the armor are semi-transparent, and take on the color of the underclothes: small buttons on helmet and pants, and bigger patches on the coat.
  • Base material is usually some kind of Cloth (Satin, Silk, Velvet), except the Helm, which is usually some sort of metal.
  • Chiran is not available at any vendor, but only loot-generated.
  • When dyeing, the horns of the helmet, the linings and the trim of the coat and leggings stay the original color (see below for dyed variations). The sandals, though the icon changed, do not seem to change color except for a small lining on the top of the feet.
  • Fail dyeing results in pink, even though the helmet gets an orange icon.
  • Dyeing Chiran results in a deep, dark color.

Quest Chiran

Helm of the Crag Icon.png Helm of the Crag Asaki Wei's Gleaming Helm Icon.png Asaki Wei's Gleaming HelmLei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran Coat Icon.png Lei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran CoatLei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran Gauntlets Icon.png Lei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran GauntletsLei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran Helm Icon.png Lei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran HelmLei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran Leggings Icon.png Lei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran LeggingsLei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran Sandals Icon.png Lei Wan-tzu's Light Chiran Sandals

Loot Chiran Pieces

Click image for full size.
Chiran Helm.png Chiran Helm Chiran Coat.png Chiran Coat Chiran Leggings.png Chiran Leggings
Chiran Helm Live.jpg Chiran Coat Live.jpg Chiran Leggings Live.jpg
Chiran Gauntlets.png Chiran Gauntlets Chiran Sandals.png Chiran Sandals
Chiran Gauntlets Live.jpg Chiran Sandals Live.jpg

Dyed Chiran

Dyed Chiran Armor
Chiran Armor Lapyan Icon.png
(Light Blue)
Chiran Armor Colban Icon.png
(Dark Blue)
Chiran Armor Verdalim Icon.png
Chiran Armor Minalim Icon.png
(Mint Green)
Chiran Armor Relanim Icon.png
Chiran Armor Lapyan Live.jpg Chiran Armor Colban Live.jpg Chiran Armor Verdalim Live.jpg Chiran Armor Minalim Live.jpg Chiran Armor Relanim Live.jpg
Chiran Armor Thananim Icon.png
Chiran Armor Hennacin Icon.png
Chiran Armor Argenory Icon.png
Chiran Armor Berimphur Icon.png
Chiran Armor Fail Icon.png
Chiran Armor Thananim Live.jpg Chiran Armor Hennacin Live.jpg Chiran Armor Argenory Live.jpg Chiran Armor Berimphur Live.jpg Chiran Armor Fail Live.jpg

Palettes and dye effects

Dye Effects

  • Note that these colors can NOT be found as Loot colors
Known Palettes for Dyed Chiran Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Helm Coat Coat Coat Coat Legs Legs Legs Hand Feet
6133 WishingWellLapyan 13758D 0C4B54 001624 106175 06586D 04333A 133A44 006078 05353C 007585 004852
6127 AngeniColban 13138D 0C1254 060024 101075 06066D 04083A 131344 000078 05093C 001763 000E3D
6129 NewHopeVerdalim 22650D 193C08 011A00 1D540B 164E04 0F2902 16310D 145600 102B03 154300 0D2900
6134 ChiranMinalim 138D75 0C543F 002422 107561 066D58 043A2B 13443A 007860 053C2D 008555 005234
6130 MageRelanim 750F70 430945 1D0017 610D5D 5A0457 2E0330 380F36 63005F 300431 420067 28003F
6126 Ash_Thananim 424242 272727 0E0E0E 373737 2F2F2F 191919 242424 313131 1A1A1A 2A2A2A 1A1A1A
6131 FzHennacin 8D1313 540C12 240600 751010 6D0606 3A0408 441313 780000 3C0509 590000 360000
6132 RatArgenory 818181 6A6A6A 545454 777777 717171 5E5E5E 676767 737373 5F5F5F 5E5E5E 484848
6135 ToxicBerimphur 767B07 514E05 242D00 656906 5D6102 3D3B02 454708 636700 3E3D02 4E5900 303600
6128 BortinPink CA0092 920075 5D0033 B20080 A30075 74005C 8A0063 A70078 76005E B20080 850060
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Palettes found in Loot

  • The loot-generated color table is still work in progress. See for a spreadsheet for the until now discovered palettes this file (right click, download as)
  • The parts that are in italics are dyeable, the others do not change color when dyed.
Known Palettes for Loot-generated Chiran Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Helmet Coat Legs Hands Feet
6122 Aqua_Chiran 007896 Main 034E58 Main 0B4B5C, 224551, 2C454B Main 33383D, 344442, 264F57 Main 006A85 Main 004152
6123 OffGrey 3D3D3D Main 3B3B3B Main 333333, 393939, 262626 Main 33383D, 344442, 282828 Main 424242 Main 292929
6124 CobaltBlue 170D92 Main 032C58 Main 160C81, 002E73, 072E58 Main 33383D, 344442, 082F5A Main 0F2B84 Main 0A1D58
6125 ReedSharkBrown 74492C Main 483012 Main 603C24, 4B3B28, 483217 Main 33383D, 344442, 4A3418 Main 512E0E Main 321C09
6136 WillowYellow 859700 Main 737700 Main 3C4549, 6E7300, 667400 Main 33383D, 344442, 697800 Main 808500 Main 4B4807
6137 HemlockPurple 61096E Main 4D0358 Main 3C4549, 650073, 4E0758 Main 33383D, 344442, 50085A Main 593A2C (Confirmed) Main 4B4807 (confirmed)
6138 InquisitorRed 6E0911 Main 58031E Main 3C4549, 730000, 58070D Main 33383D, 344442, 5A080E Main 7A0A0A Main 870000
6139 SilverGrey 737373 Main 616262 Main 3C4549, 393939, 5D5D5D Main 33383D, 344442, 888888 Main 6D6D6D Main 595959
6140 SwampWater 426D6F Sleeves 00222B
6141 SwordSteel 292929 Sleeves 00222B
6142 BrokenArrowBlue 08006F Sleeves 05004A
6143 Hazelnut 5A3115 Sleeves 3C200E
6145 TiraniYellow 5E5A05 Sleeves 3D3700
6146 MeerthusMurk 285E05 Sleeves 1D3D00
6147 NoblePurple 53055E Sleeves 32003D
6148 CuriosityCrimson 5E050C Sleeves 3D0009
6149 GuardianGrey 656565 Sleeves 4B4B4B
6151 NightBliss 025662 Horns 1F637D Trim 005C69 Trim 004B56
6152 GracefulGrey 313131 Horns 303030 Trim 151515 Trim 2B2B2B
6153 RowanBlue 002D72 Horns 2D3068 Trim 002F77 Trim 002A6A
6154 BurunBrown 713D1B Horns 593D28 Trim 753F1B Trim 6B3A19
6155 BrimstoneYellow 9AA200 Horns 9C9500 Trim 9FA600 Trim 949B00
6156 YongGreen 00A227 Horns 199C00 Trim 00A628 Trim 009B25
6157 OporPurple 620086 Horns 490A6E Trim 630089 Trim 5D0080
6158 NewCrimsonRed 860009 Horns 891212 Trim 89000A Trim 800009
6159 AstlyrAqua 2A5860 Horns 404040 Trim 6A6A6A Trim 666666
6160 GrassGreen 0F5F08 Main 0A5803 Main 0C8145, 007300, 0D5807 Main 33383D, 344442, 0E5A08 Main 0F8421 Main 0A5816
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.