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One of the original Sho factions. The original description reads:[1]

Motto: "The Unicorn's Grace shines in battle."
Background: The Chiran Jishui Dan split off from the Chiran Jou Gai 300 years ago. It is dedicated to the study of battle magic, of such power that it has become a rival of the Order of the Dragon Temple, the Ryu Jou Gai. However, the Chiran Jishui Dan stubbornly refuses to teach any fighting using swords or blades, because "The horn of the Unicorn is never used to cut or pierce." Members of the Chiran Jou Gai remain on polite speaking terms with the Unicorn Temple, and though not friendly, are quick to come to the Temple's aid in times of conflict. Rulers have long funded the Chiran Jishui Dan, in order to win their favor during times of war.
Current: Dereth's harshness and different magic seems to have spelled the death of the Chiran Jishui Dan. However, as more and more Sho arrive and take up the study of new magic, perhaps the Chiran Jishui Dan will be reborn.

The other factions are:[1]

Notable Members

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