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Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist
Non-Player Killer
Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Mage
Location 41.8S, 15.8E in Xarabydun
Level 275
Strength 215
Endurance 215
Coordination 260
Quickness 200
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 304
Stamina 411
Mana 486



Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "Welcome to the Arcanum Alchemists Guild! My name is Ciandra, I'm the guild's leading Alchemist."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "My research focuses mainly on the Harbinger and the various alchemical oddities that stem from its existence. If you are interested in fighting the Harbinger I have written a guide on the various ways to weaken him. Janier downstairs sells it as well as the Arcanum Vendor, Beldin, in Old Yanshi."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "If you want more information on the Harbinger please donate any pyreal you can spare to the Alchemist Guild Retirement Fund."

You give Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist Pyreal.

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "Our best efforts to prevent the Harbinger from pulling the Essences, incarnations of the four elemental magics, to him in Old Yanshi failed. He now draws massive amounts of pure magical energy from them and has gained considerable power. Fortunately we have learned something from our failure."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "I have created a formula that may be used to weaken the Harbinger."

Ciandra combines a small amount of each essence into a decanter of glowing blue liquid. She says a small incantation and holds the decanter up to the light, watching as the liquid inside changes color to a dark violet hue.

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist gives you Decanter of Nullified Essence.

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "Using this Nullified Essence on the Stone in the center of Old Yanshi will raise a magical barrier that prevents the Harbinger from drawing on the power of the Essences. Once you have applied the formula to the stone you won't have access to the Essences until you have defeated the Harbinger in its weakened state."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "Be careful not to apply more than thirty applications at once or the potion will have a lessening return. As always return with anything you think I might find useful in my research."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "If you need more of the Nullified Essence see Beldin in Old Yanshi. I stocked him with a supply that should last awhile."

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "If you are still interested in fighting the Essences don't use the Nullified Essence. Talk to my new apprentice, Talar. He's quite a good alchemist and with all of my recent Harbinger research he's been an immense help in continuing the Essence research."

You allow Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist to examine your Decanter of Nullified Essence.

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "Take this to the big Stone in Yanshi and pour it out over the top of the stone. Using this will create a nullification barrier, cutting off the Harbinger's ability to siphon the Essence's energies. If you plan on fighting the Essences below Yanshi you shouldn't use this. The Essence Chamber is inaccessible once the Harbinger's link to them is broken."

Old Dialog[]