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Character Summary
Clari Loritane
Eras Active:
Important Dates:
  • RE 372 - Date of Birth
  • TE 413 - Death in a boating accident

Related Characters:

  • Yalaini Empress by marriage ("Empress of the Thousand Seas"), "Mistress of Elancia", "Mistress of Aerlinthe" by birth.[1]
  • Born in RE 372 in Elancia as the daughter of Lady Raina, the Lady of Aerlinthe, who claimed her to be the child of the, at that time deceased, Lord Gevran Loritane.[1] A letter of Lady Aerfalle, however, suggests she might be the daughter of the master smith Hare Aralea.[2]
  • When the forces of Bael'Zharon overrun Elancia, Raina takes her daughter and her household to the Imperial Archipelago.[1]
  • Engagement with Prince Durglen Realaidain, son of the Emperor Caerlin I and the later Emperor Caerlin II in the year RE 502 and marriage in RE 507. [1]
  • Mother of Empress Cellaurai, original name:Alhallie Realaidain, born in TE 2.[1]
  • After the death of her mother Raina in TE 218, she becomes Lady of Elancia and Aerlinthe, making her family's lands Imperial Provinces.[1]
  • TE 413: She dies in a boating accident at the age of 937. Princess Alhallie becomes Lady of Elancia and Aerlinthe.


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