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Climbing the Viridian Deru Tree
Level: 200
Type: Solo
Starts At: Viridian Rise Deru Tree
Repeat: Non Repeatable


Climb to the aerie of the Viridian Deru Tree.

  • A buffed Jump skill of around 630 is recommended for this quest. It is possible to complete with a much lower jump skill, but not without special tactics.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. To reach the Viridian Deru Tree, you must first traverse the forest of the Viridian Rise. This typically requires a group and a minimum of 1 hour to complete.
  2. At the Deru Tree are a series of platforms surrounding the tree. You must simply jump from one to another until you reach the top. There are more than 30 jumps that must be completed.
  3. Speak with Doriathazaar to receive your rewards.


Titles: Crown of the Deru


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Tree Jumping Video by Hotshot


Rewards Dialog

Doriathazaar tells you, "You have climbed far to reach our aerie. That is quite an effort."

Doriathazaar tells you, "Perhaps you would take the Infused Amber I have gathered to Kervim'telek so it might heal and purify the great tree?"

Doriathazaar gives you 100 Infused Amber Shards.

Doriathazaar tells you, "Have returned to visit me, or has the magnificent view lured you back up to our aerie?"

Update History

Forces of Nature

  • Quest introduced.
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