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Clutch of Kings

Reeshan - Kiree - Broodu - Keerik - Rehir - Browerk

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Clutch of Kings
Level: 60
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Guard Devon
Starts At: 25.7N, 48.9E in Cragstone
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Clutch of Kings: All


  • The Clutch of Kings is a series of six parts, that each stand alone as individual quests. Each quest has its own rewards and title, but if you complete all six, there are some additional rewards.
  • Each of the six Burun Kings drops a hide as a reward. Save them if you wish to earn the title of Kingslayer (see Walk Through).

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Complete each of the following quests from the Clutch of Kings series (order of completion does not matter):
  2. Once you've defeated all 6 of the Burun Kings, speak to Guard Devon at 25.7N, 48.9E in Cragstone to receive XP and a random piece of Noble Armor.
  3. If you've saved the hides from all 6 of the kings, combine them in the following order to create the complete Combined Kukuur Hides: Kiree's Hide + Reeshan's Hide + Kiree's Hide + Broodu's Hide + Keerik's Hide + Rehir's Hide + Browerk's Hide.
  4. Hand the Combined Kukuur Hides to Guard Devon to receive a Burun Kukuur Floatee, Mana Forge Key (125+), and the title of Kingslayer!

Dungeons & Maps

See individual Burun King quest pages.


In addition to the cumulative Clutch of Kings rewards, each individual King's Quest yields its own unique rewards. See the individual quest write-ups for more information.

Defeat all 6 of the Burun Kings and speak to Guard Devon
Experience: 187,282,200 (100% up to level 130)

(1) Random Reward (20% chance each)

Level 125+ reward

Give Guard Devon the Combined Kukuur Hides
Titles: Kingslayer


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Guard Devon

Guard Devon tells you, "You have not defeated all the Burun Kings recently. The rewards that I grant are meant for those that have fought through all six of the Burun Kings. When you have done so return to me. If you choose, combine the scraps of flesh that you collect from the Kings and combine them one after the other. When all six are together hand it to me for a fair reward."
Guard Devon (Defeating all 6 Kings)

Guard Devon tells you, "You have fought through a great many foes to prove your heroism. There is no question that you a person of great honor and skill. High Queen Elysa will be pleased to see that there are still those with great resolve and fortitude to undertake such a service when they are called to duty. This is your reward."

You've earned 187,282,200 experience.

Guard Devon gives you Noble <armor>.

Guard Devon says, "You are a hero to us all, <Player Name>. Your efforts shall not soon be forgotten. Yet, your efforts have not rid the Burun Kings from the world. They still draw breath on Auberean and rule over their lesser. You will be called again to fight these beasts. I am prepared to grant you a reward every three weeks. Return to me when you have defeated the beasts again and I shall grant you another boon. If you have collected the hides from these fell beasts and wish to combine them together I will craft a trophy that you may display in your home. Combine the hides together and hand me the completed item. I will offer you a title and a reward for your home."

Guard Devon tells you, "I am now authorized to reward more experienced adventurers with mana forge keys and you qualify. Best of luck to you."

Guard Devon gives you Mana Forge Key.
Handing in Combined Kukuur Hides

You give Guard Devon Combined Kukuur Hides.

Guard Devon gives you Burun Kukuur Floatee.

Guard Devon tells you, "Though disgusting, this flesh can easily be sewn. I have offered my services to create a flag that you can fly to show your victory over the Burun Kings. I will also offer you a title token. Should you return the title token to me you will be named Kingslayer!"

Guard Devon announces, "Due to the sacrifices that <Player Name> have made, we have found hope and unity. As such, <Player Name> shall bear the name of Kingslayer. You are a hero to us all, <Player Name>! Wear this title with pride and honor. Three cheers for Kingslayer <Player Name>! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!"

Update History

On Bended Knee

  • Quest introduced.


  • Titles are now awarded directly (title tokens removed).
  • Experience reward increased from 10,000,000 (flat) to 187,282,200 (100% up to level 130).

Unfinished Business

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 20 days to 20 hours.