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Clutch of Kings

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Clutch of Kings (Keerik)
Level: 60
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Watcher of the Dead
Starts At: 51.4S, 67.9W
Route: Obsidian Rim
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Clutch of Kings: Keerik


  • This is the fourth of six quests in the Clutch of Kings, or Burun Kings, series of quests.
  • You will be facing Burun Ruuks and Burun Guruks in both dungeons and with the boss. All the monsters are commonly weak to frost and additionally a Critical Strike weapon will be needed for the boss fight.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

Part 1: Depth's of Hizk Ri's Temple[]

  1. Speak to the Watcher of the Dead to be portaled into the Depth's of Hizk Ri's Temple.
  2. Take the Northeast exit from this room, noticeable by a broken in Falatacot door sitting at an angle in the hall.
  3. Right away you will come to a door beyond an intersection, head through the door and at the end of the path beyond it turn to your left and head into the passage next to you. Head through the door here and down the ramp.
  4. You will now be in a rather large room with many exits. The exits on the East and West walls both lead to rooms with levers inside, hit them to open doors back inside the big room, you can get into the rooms via plates on the floor that open the doors (there are plates inside the rooms that close the doors too, so be wary of them when you run back out).
  5. Take either door (You only need one) on the South wall and then head up the ramp past the door to get to the portal.

Part 2: Secrets of Hizk Ri's Temple[]

  1. From the drop, walk to one of the 4 Shell Tables throughout the room.
  2. Use the table, and then watch as the cups switch positions randomly, always keeping an eye on which cup is covering the shell.
    • Tip: Move your camera into aerial mode in order to get a better view of the movements.
  3. Once the cups stop moving, pick up shell from the floor that most represents where it is on the table, then hand it back to the Shell Table:
    1. Left Shell
    2. Center Shell
    3. Right Shell
  4. If you receive a success message, take the portal on the north wall to move on to the next part.
    • Note: If you fail, talk to the Shell Table in order to attempt to solve the puzzle again.

Part 3: Hizk Ri's Temple[]

  1. From the drop, head East and hug the left wall all the way to the end (make sure to head down in the grated area), there are no misdirections other than that, and no levers.
  2. At the end, you'll find a hallway on the east wall, which leads to a Portal Gateway. The device leads to Keerik, the boss.

Part 4: Center of Hizk Ri's Temple[]

  1. The drop is hot so check your buffs before entering.
  2. Keerik can be seen across the room and will attack when he or his minions are attacked.
  3. Once you kill Keerik, loot Keerik's Hide from the floor.
  4. Speak to Guard Sorchia at 25.7N, 48.9E in Cragstone for your XP and random reward.
  5. Optional: Hand Keerik's Hide to Guard Sorchia for the title of Keerik Killer.
    • Note: Hold on to the hide if you are trying to obtain the Kingslayer title. See the Clutch of Kings for more information.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Depth's of Hizk Ri's Temple 51.4S, 67.9W -- 00FD
Secrets of Hizk Ri's Temple N/A -- 0160
Hizk Ri's Temple N/A -- 01F0
Center of Hizk Ri's Temple N/A -- 00F7


Defeat Keerik and speak to Guard Sorchia
Experience: 56,184,660 (33% up to level 130)

One of the following random rewards:

Give Keerik's Hide to Guard Sorchia
Titles: Keerik Killer



Watcher of the Dead

Watcher of the Dead tells you, "My purpose is plain, I watch the dead that reside within the halls of this temple. I have stood this vigil since my sacrifice over thirty thousand years ago, when the world cooled and the darkness made war upon all. The weight of time has long crushed my bones to dust and left with me with this incorporeal form. Yet, I serve my purpose with the same vigor that I did in life."

Watcher of the Dead tells you, "I will not find rest until the threat from beyond is quashed. They will spread like a plague across this world if they are not shattered. Great waves of magic shall crash against their flesh and be pulled into their bodies. Their strength will grow until they can no longer be touched and then all shall be lost beneath the weight of their power.

"Watcher of the Dead tells you, "A great failure for our sisterhood. They grew where our chosen fell. Now they come to shattered the coil of this world as we shattered the coil of theirs. You must defeat the behemoth within these halls else its power grow until it is unchecked by any force that remains on this world."

Update History[]

On Bended Knee

  • Quest introduced.

Unfinished Business

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 20 days to 20 hours.