Clutch of Kings

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Clutch of Kings (Reeshan)
Level: 60
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Watcher of the Dead
Starts At: 12.8S, 58.9W
Route: Mansion to Portal to Izji Qo's Temple
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Clutch of Kings: Reeshan


  • This is the first of six quests in the Clutch of Kings series.
  • Frost weapons are recommended.
  • Having melee/ranged weapons users against the final boss is strongly recommended. Boss is highly resistant to magic.

Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Depth's of Izji Qo's Temple

  1. Speak to the Watcher of the Dead to be portaled into the Depth's of Izji Qo's Temple.
  2. From the drop, jump down and take the East exit. From here, hug the wall left for the rest of the dungeon, with the only obstacles being two lever activated doors:
    1. In the first large room you come to, you'll need to open the Southwest door, which is activated by a floor plate, inside the Western most head of a statue in the Southwest part of the room.
    2. In the second large room you come to, open the Southeast door by entering the room on the East wall and pulling the lever inside. The entrance to the East room is activated by floor plates on either side of the door.
  3. When you reach the end of the dungeon, use the Portal Gateway to be sent to the Secrets of Izji Qo's Temple.

Part 2: Secrets of Izji Qo's Temple

  1. From the portal drop, head north and use the Instructions (Sign), located on the East wall. You will obtain three sets of marbles: Mixed Marbles, White Marbles and Black Marbles.
  2. Once you have your marbles, go to the West wall and speak with the Bag labeled "Mixed", you'll get either a black or white marble (clue):
    Example: "You reach into the bag and pull out a black marble."
  3. Now, depending on the marble you received in your clue, you'll need to hand the marbles in your pack to the appropriate bags:
  4. If you've done the task correctly, you'll receive a success message: "You have successfully determined the contents of all three bags!"
    • Note: If you fail, speak to the Instructions sign, and attempt the puzzle again.
  5. Once complete, use the portal in the North wall to be portaled into Izji Qo's Temple.

Part 3: Izji Qo's Temple

  1. From the drop, head East and hug the left wall all the way to the end, there are no levers are misdirections in here.
  2. At the end, you'll find a hallway on the West wall, which leads to a Portal Gateway. The device leads to Reeshan, the boss.
  3. Before using the device, there are several things to know before going into the fight with Reeshan, review these tactics:
    • Do not debuff him, he counters most debuffs.
    • Disband your fellowship before going into battle. Browerk casts Fellowship Debuffs, so you lessen the chance to be debuffed when not in a fellowship.
    • If you are swallowed (portaled into Reeshan's stomach), quickly switch to a Critical Strike weapon, and attack his Stomach Wall on full speed. You have only have a percent chance of escaping his stomach when you land a critical hit.
      • Tip: If you're a mage, use wall spells for a greater chance to critical hit.
  4. Once everyone is ready, use the Portal Gateway to be porataled into the Center of Izji Qo's Temple (hot drop).

Part 4: Center of Izji Qo's Temple

  1. When you portal in, you'll immediately be attacked by Burun, and Reeshan is just to the North.
  2. Kill Reeshan using frost weapons/bows and Tusker Fists or Frost Wall.
    • Note: Do not debuff Reeshan, he will counter. See above for tactics.
  3. Once you kill Reeshan, loot Reeshan's Hide from the floor.
  4. Head to Cragstone, and speak to Guard Ellyon at 25.7N, 48.8E for your XP, Mana Forge Key (125+), and random reward.
  5. Optional: Hand Reeshan's Hide to Guard Ellyon for the title of Reeshan Killer.
    • Note: Hold on to the hide if you are trying to obtain the Kingslayer title. See the Clutch of Kings for more information.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Depth's of Izji Qo's Temple 12.8S, 58.9W -- 00FB
Secrets of Izji Qo's Temple  ?? -- 0160
Izji Qo's Temple  ?? -- 016A
Center of Izji Qo's Temple  ?? -- 00F5


Defeat Reeshan and speak to Guard Ellyon
Experience: 56,184,660 (33% up to level 130)

One of the following random rewards:

Give Reeshan's Hide to Guard Ellyon
Titles: Reeshan Killer



Watcher of the Dead

Watcher of the Dead tells you, "My purpose is plain, I watch the dead that reside within the halls of this temple. I have stood this vigil since my sacrifice over thirty thousand years ago, when the world cooled and the darkness made war upon all. The weight of time has long crushed my bones to dust and left with me with this incorporeal form. Yet, I serve my purpose with the same vigor that I did in life."

Watcher of the Dead tells you, "A threat, not of this world grows within the belly of this temple. They have come from across the stars, across the divide between our worlds with one thought in their ravenous minds; destruction."

Watcher of the Dead tells you, "Their pilgrimage is for naught, there are no sisters left upon this world who draw breath, there are none who recall the glory of Golden Shores and the valley wherein Ualannan once held vigil watching over all our sisters. All is dust, but this will not deter these beasts from another world."

Watcher of the Dead tells you, "They come and they shall spread their rot to the core of this world and there it shall grow unfettered until all is consumed and destroyed. You must destroy the beasts within the deepest halls of the Izji Qo's temple. They have found passage within and slaughtered or consumed all souls that have stood against their trespass."
Guard Sorchia

You've earned 56,184,660 experience.

Guard Sorchia tells you, "This is for your effors against the Burun Kukuur, King Reeshan. You will need to wait three weeks before returning to me for another reward. If you wish to change your title and you have a scrap of Reeshan's hide I will accept the hide and name you to Reeshan Killer!"

Guard Ellyon tells you, "I am now authorized to reward more experienced adventurers with mana forge keys and you qualify. Best of luck to you."

Update History

On Bended Knee

  • Quest introduced.

Unfinished Business

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 20 days to 20 hours.
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