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Introduced:  Shedding Skin Related Quests:  Aetheria Quest
Coalesced Aetheria
Coalesced Aetheria (Red) Icon
  • Value: 10,000
  • Burden: 50
  • Your level must be at least 225 to wield this item.
  • A glowing ball of Coalesced Aetheria.

    Item Level: 0/x
    Item XP: 0/1000000000


  • Found in Loot Tier 7.
  • Does not stack.
  • x can be any number up to 4, and the level is also indicated on the top right corner of the icon
  1. Use Aetheria Mana Stone on Coalesced Aetheria (Red) to create Aetheria (Red).
    • Aetheria Mana Stone Icon + Coalesced Aetheria (Red) Icon = Aetheria (Red) Icon
A sigil rises to the surface as you bathe the aetheria in mana.
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