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Character Summary
Important Dates:

868 RC - Murdered

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Aluvian on Ispar during the Reign of Alfrega. Member of her palace staff, he was recruited by the Orts to help rescue prisoners. For this, he was entrusted with the Rose of Celdon.

He fell in love with Alfrega and betrayed many of the safehouses of the Orts. In the foredawn of 23rd Wintersebb 868 RC, mercenary soldiers of the Queen descended upon the safe havens of the Orts in all quarters of Celdon. 83 are seized and brought into the courtyard of the Tower of Alfric. They are all slain. The body of Colrim is later found, his throat slashed by a dagger of exquisite craftsmanship. The Rose of Celdon is lost on this day.[1]

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Rose of Celdon Icon Rose of Celdon


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