Successful hits

On a successful hit, the game will display a damage message in relation to the elemental damage type you are using. For example, a melee character swinging a sword at an Eater may recieve this message: "You slash Eater for 119 points of Slashing damage!"

The verb used in dialogue indicates the damage done in relation to the total health of the creature. (Interestingly the verb is called an "adjective" in the code.)

Damage Type >50% >25% >10% <10%
Nether eradicate(s) wither(s) twist(s) scar(s)
Health deplete(s) siphon(s) exhaust(s) drain(s)
Slashing mangle(s) slash(es) cut(s) scratch(es)
Piercing gore(s) impale(s) stab(s) nick(s)
Bludgeoning crush(es) smash(es) bash(es) graze(s)
Fire incinerate(s) burn(s) scorch(es) singe(s)
Cold freeze(s) frost(s) chill(s) numb(s)
Acid dissolve(s) corrode(s) sear(s) blister(s)
Electric blast(s) jolt(s) shock(s) spark(s)



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