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  • The attacks occurred April 2006.
  • Commander Kurth was released again by Count Dardante to attack different towns.
  • He appeared as Commander Jared Kurth at first a level 437 "Shadow Stalker", as a level 512 "Soldier" and as a level 647 "Mukkir Masher". His sword, Souldrinker, had also increased in strength.
  • When killed, the note Specimen 1347 Report could be found on his corpse.
  • Usually, after killing most of the people present, he disappeared and Count Dardante appeared, giving out Dardante's Viamontian Propaganda.
  • Count asked whoever was loyal to the king to speak up. Those who supported the king where then teleported to the Rossa Morta Chapterhouse to speak with the Count (see dialog).
  • Kurth was healable and some players, especially those aligned with the Rossu Morta, chose to side with him and the Viamontian forces.
  • Adso would also appear to speak with members of the Whispering Blade.



  • April 14th, 2006 - Attack on Zaikhal
  • April 17th 2006 - Solclaim - Attack on Stonehold
  • April 26th 2006 - Leafcull - Attack on Zaikhal
  • April 28th 2006 - Solclaim - Attack on Stonehold


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Chat Log with Count Dardante shortly after a raid (April 2006)

Commander Jared Kurth is incinerated by Talon claw's assault!

Count Dardante says, "I suggest that those of you who are still on the side of that bloodless queen, rethink your actions"

Count Dardante says, "Kurth will grow stronger. That was merely just a hint at what is to come"

Count Dardante gives you Dardante's Viamontian Propaganda.

Count Dardante says, "You would all be wise to heed my words."

Count Dardante says, "Asheron is a fool!"

Count Dardante says, "Your weak spells have no affect on me, foolish one!"

Count Dardante says, "You seem to have this odd desire to die. Why is that? Do you not value life?"

Count Dardante says, "The bloodless queen will fall to the one true King."

Count Dardante says, "In time you will come to see that only fools would follow such a weak leader"

Count Dardante says, "For now you should rest. For when I return I will not be in such a pleasant mood. Nor will Kurth. Bloodless fools."

Count Dardante says, "Those of you who are loyal to the King shall be rewarded when we achieve victory!"

Niobe and Defiance of Solclaim speak with Adso

Adso says, "Greetings."
You say, "Greetings."
Defiance says, "Hello. Thank you for the help."
You say, "We need information."

Adso says, "I was less help that I would have liked, although I'm glad that you took advantage of their distraction to hurt Kurth."
You say, "How can it hurt him? He gets stronger with each death."

Adso says, "What information do you need? I'll try to help, although I can't swear for certain that I'll be able to tell you."

Adso says, "Tactics."

Adso says, "You must use wise tactics to win. And muster more effectively."

Adso says, "I've begun to realize that perhaps those loyal to the Blade are disheartened."
Defiance says, "As did I."

Adso says, "I saw times when there were not enough people to muster an attack."

Adso says, "I'm fought valiantly, but I don't know if it's enough."
You say, "It's not."

Adso says, "Then gather more. Make sure people realize that the Whispering Blade aren't sworn to Elysa, but are simply in opposition to Varicci."
You say, "I've been trying."
You say, "I've been giving as many pep talks as I can."
You say, "I've been doing everything I can to stop other's faith from faltering as well."

Adso says, "It seems there's been great anger in the land against Elysa. I don't care about royal blood one way or the other, but...well, we're not exactly a legal organization ourselves."

Adso says, "Make sure to point out the dark arts that Dardante dabbles in. I get the feeling not everyone knows about the spirits he enslaves, or the other experiments."

Adso says, "Try to bring as many over as you can."
You say, "Our variccie supporters spread slander about Elysa."
You say, "I disprove them."

Adso says, "That's the thing. Make sure people realize this war's not about Elysa."

Adso says, "Don't get caught in playing their game of comparison."
You say, "I don't."

Adso says, "Elysa is weak. Otherwise the Whispering Blade wouldn't need to exist."

Adso says, "Maybe it's indecision. Certainly the one time in this war she has become decisive, it turned out poorly."
You say, "Is Asheron still in hiding?"

Adso says, "I don't know what's happened to Asheron."

Adso says, "I suspect we cannot rely on him, wherever he is."
You say, "Who is the Black Knight?"

Adso says, "The Black Knight is the commander of the Whispering Blade."
Defiance says, "We will do our best to rally those who would support the Whispering Blade's fight against Varicci."
You say, "I will do my best to keep loyalties with Elysa."

Adso says, "The Rossu Morta have organized, and this, in part is what makes Kurth so hard to defeat."
You say, "I noticed."
You say, "I've been fighting against Kurth with each planned attack."

Adso says, "The only counter for organization is organization."

Adso says, "Also, you may want to brainstorm new approaches to your attack. You won this time, I understand - your new tactics may be a good approach."

Adso says, "Do you have any more questions or requests of me?"

Adso says, "I have lost some vitae, so I am a bit tired."
You say, "Just that you be there to help and support with the upcoming battles as best as you can."
You say, "As long as we fight, we will never lose."

Adso says, "I am afraid that my Master has other tasks for me to undertake."

Adso says, "I will not be able to assist you again - you must learn to fight Kurth on your own."
You say, "Understood."
You say, "I will tell others what I have learned here. I will get more followers."
You say, "Elysa is still our figurehead to follow and we'll still pledge our loyalties."

Adso says, "That is fine - there is no harm in following her. Just...don't rely on her."
You say, "Thank you for your help tonight."

Adso nods.

Adso says, "Good luck."
Adso is recalling to the lifestone.
Defiance says, "Thank you."

Shadow Tempest of TD speaks with Adso (May 8th, 2006)

Adso says, "My Master and the Black Knight sent me because of the difficult you have had in felling Kurth.

Adso says, "However, I will not be able to help you beyond this. You must come up with your own means of defeating Kurth.
You say, "how are we to do that? hes hard to defeat"

Adso says, "You must take counsel with the rest of the Whispering Blade and devise new, more effective strategies.

Adso says, "I do not have the answers - I am here to prod you toward devising the answers for yourselves.

Adso says, "I'm just an assassin."
You say, "what are his weaknesses?"
You say, "as an assassin you should know"

Adso says, "You would know better than I, having fought him. He's a larger than normal Viamontian Knight.
You say, "nothing like him though"

Adso says, "I would recommend comparing notes with the rest who fought to defeat him - see what worked and what was not as successful.
You say, "my lightning sword can cut down the best of the knights but barely scratches him"

Adso says, "Also, it seems that your forces were disorganized."

Adso says, "At one point, I was chased off by three or four who thought to slay me."

Adso says, "Some were Viamontian loyalists, it is true - but I believe some may have just been mitaken."
You say, "yes very but when he can cut through a group like butter everyone scatters"

Adso says, "So you must either devise a strategy that can survive Kurth cutting through it, or one which helps you survive his attacks and not break your formation."
You say, "i'll talk to others with the whispering blade to see what we can come up with"

Adso says, "Dardante is dealing in magics he doesn't understand. That's why my Master has asked the Black Knight to take an interest in the Rossu Morta."

Adso says, "Good."

Adso says, "And beward of infiltrators."

Adso says, "The Viamontian loyalists appear to be crafty, as far as pretending to not be what they really are."

Adso says, "There was one, a Matt Heafy, whose alliance was not known to me."
You say, "this war is tearing friends apart with 3 factions and everyone wants the same goal"

Adso says, "First he asked me to protect him, and when I told him that it was not my job to protect him, he stood near me, and as Liquid Ghost approached, he cast a war spell upon me."

Adso says, "I would not worry about Fort Tethana, if that if the third faction you refer to. Their interests are limited to their fort."
You say, "yes because their fort wasnt protected dont you think the only way for them to join with whispering blade would be to promise protection for the good of dereth?"

Adso says, "The Whispering Blade merely stands for opposition to Varicci. If those of Fort Tethana want to join us, so be it, but we do not have the manpower to protect the fort."

Adso says, "That's for Elysa."

Adso says, "You don't need to love Elysa to be a member. Merely hate Varicci."
You say, "thats part of it though, varicci promises protection, in his twisted ways where elysa dont"

Adso says, "Honestly, it's not even necessarily Varicci that I and my Master are concerned with. But he brought the war, and the madman, to us."

Adso says, "Dardante is my chief concern."

Adso says, "He is dabbling in powers he does no understand, and he risks all of us."
You say, "grael"

Adso says, "Speak to me of Grael. I've heard legends of an ancient, Bael'zharon-like power, but nothing more."
You say, "i dont know much about grael only what i have come across on my travels, there are powers there that need not be tapped"

Adso says, "I agree. Some powers are not safe for us to tap, at least without fully understanding them. And Dardante doesn't fully understand much of what he works in."

Adso says, "In any event, my time here is passing quickly and I must perform another mission for my Master."
You say, "then wouldnt it be wise to put a price on dardante's head?"

Adso says, "No one would be able to claim it."

Adso says, "Or at least very few, but Dardante has his own protections. Plus, of course, the protection of Asheron, as most of you do."

Adso says, "My Master does not want to go up against Dardante directly, nor does he want me to."
You say, "that protection has been gotten around before........."

Adso says, "In unusual circumstances, and Dardante is...different."
You say, "hes a man as any other, all have thier prices and all have weaknesses"

Adso says, "Tell me...were you at the fight?"
You say, "yes and took many trips to the lifestone"

Adso says, "What do you feel was the biggest problem the forces faced?"
You say, "we were greatly underpowered to that blade kurth carried"
You say, "along with the enchantments hes been given to raise his strength and general health"

Adso says, "I must go. Recruit more, and organize better. I will not be able to help you next time."
You say, "thank you for your time and guidance"

Adso says, "Be careful to whom you disclose my advice."

Adso says, "We need not inform the enemy."
You say, "of course"

Adso says, "Good fortune to you."
You say, "and to you"

Commander Jared Kurth attacks Al-Jalima (May 1st 2006)

The townsfolk of Al-Jalima cry for assistance! The town is under attack by Commander Jared Kurth and a detachment of Viamontian Knights!

Commander Jared Kurth splits Sister of Son apart!
Dumb Decoy says, "awww look hes owning everyone"
Himura the Mage says, "LURE HIM TO TOWN!!!"
Shadow of Paraduck says, "You cannot even touch him."
Himura the Mage says, "Mages on roofs Melees surround him!!!"
Dark Entropy says, "You guys might want to damage him so we have something to heal"
Dark Entropy says, "This is just silly"
Dark Entropy says, "I figured the followers of Elysa would put up more of a struggle"

Shadow of Paraduck died!

Commander Jared Kurth drains you for 27 points with Spiral of Souls.
You say, "My Master Kurth I bring you Stout!"
Shadow of Paraduck says, "Very good support here."
Sister of Son blows kisses to Kurth
You say, "You must drink Kurth, Drink Zee Stout and grow stronger!"
Jelly Belly says, "Do you not see the strength of the Viamonts yet, followers of the useless 'queen'?"
You say, "haha Para"
You say, "Para stole your booze master!"
You say, "Gimme a K"
You say, "Gimme a U"
You say, "Gimme an R"
You say, "Gimme an T"
You say, "Gimme an H"
You say, "What's that spell?"
Dark Entropy says, "You defend a queen that is not here."
You say, "Kurth, Kurth, He's our man, If he can't Dance Nobody Can!"
Niobe says, "I don't see your King"
You dance, "Look at me! I'm dancin crazy!"
Blacksun King says, "dancing kurth"
Budding Bower says, "lol"
Kalazar says, "Thats twice I outlived your attacks Jared Kurth, come on."
Dumb Decoy says, "man this guy tears up"

Commander Jared Kurth says, "Kill!!!"
You say, "I wish for change, Elysa is to scared and weak to act"
Shadow of Paraduck says, "Kalazar, it is easy to survive a battle out of cowardice."

Commander Jared Kurth says, "Grrr! Tickles"
Dark Entropy says, "I want to be turned into a soldier for Varicci"
Shadow of Paraduck says, "Our will and resolve is stronger than yours, as evidenced by today's battle."
You say, "Not me you idiots, get the rebels!"
Theknight sigh
You say, "good help is so hard to find"
Kalazar says, "You guys didn't win."
Dark Entropy says, "Kurth is gone"
Shadow of Paraduck says, "The Rossu Morta are victorious!"

Count Dardante says, "I grow tired of this game"
Jelly Belly kneels low.
Country Evil bows deeply.
Sell Your Soul kneels low.
Realm of Darkness kneels low.
Dark Entropy kneels low.
You kneel low.
Sell Your Soul says, "We grow in numbers, Count."
You say, "What is thy bidding my master?"
Dark Entropy says, "We are spreading the word of Varicci"
Kalazar spits.

Count Dardante says, "Fools cannot even kill a dog like Kurth."
Himura the Mage spits in the Counts face
Jelly Belly says, "We are spreading the word of Viamont's greatness."
Sell Your Soul says, "Your word is spreading."
Dark Entropy says, "The sane alternative to the insane world."
Shadow of Paraduck bows deeply.
Dark-Maji kneels low.
Budding Bower kneels low.

Count Dardante says, "Perhaps next time I let him out, you will actually try not to die so much?"
Niobe says, "lol"
You say, "My Master Kurth drank to much stout again. He went wild with Dance."
Dark Entropy chuckles at the comment
Dark Entropy says, "What would you like your loyalists to do Count?"
Dark Entropy says, "We await your word"

Count Dardante says, "Have you leaned of the true power yet?"
Budding Bower says, "they have not our them the way"

Count Dardante says, "Is it now the time you realize who the true king is?"
Lord Diemos says, "Dardante, you cant ever defeat Her Majesty. You and all the other Viamont dogs will be destroyed"
Budding Bower kneels low.
Shadow of Paraduck says, "Elysa has not even raised a finger."

Count Dardante says, "Those who are loyal please speak up"
Sell Your Soul bows deeply.
Niobe says, "I will forever be loyal to the Queen."
Airk says, "Your king will lose this war Dardante. Rest assured."
Dark Entropy says, "Here Here Count"
Shadow of Paraduck says, "What kind of Queen allows these incursions?"
Realm of Darkness says, "i am loyal to the king"
Jelly Belly says, "I'm loyal to the King, Count."
Jothany says, "FOR VIAMONT"
Sell Your Soul says, "I am loyal, through and through."
Realm of Darkness salutes.
Budding Bower says, "HAIL"
Dark Entropy says, "We have spread the word of Viamont Far and Wide"
Fenix reborn says, "For SILYUN"
Jelly Belly says, "For Viamont!"
Vainamoinen says, "hurray"
You say, "For The King!"
Budding Bower LOVES OUR KING
Shadow of Paraduck says, "I am loyal, Count."
You salute.
Dark Entropy says, "We trust that we shall be rewarded surely?"
Budding Bower salutes.
Jelly Belly kneels low.
Country Evil says, "True allegiance doesn't require rewards, fool. :/"
Fenix reborn spits.
Dumb Decoy kneels low.
Niobe laughs, "You'll get your just rewards, Dark!
Fenix reborn spits int eh COunt's face
Himura the Mage says, "Yea.. goes to show what kind of side your following..."
Lord Diemos says, "Every last Viamont bastard will be slaughtered, rest assured "Count" Dardante."
Jelly Belly says, "Count, if there is anything more we can do, please let us know."

Count Dardante says, "This little game is not over yet"
Dumb Decoy says, "long live the king"

Count Dardante says, "Soon you will all see what true power can do"
Budding Bower says, "we have tried to tell them of your power"
Sell Your Soul says, "Do you have further instructions for the servents of the king, Count?"
Fenix reborn shakes his fist.
Jelly Belly kneels low.
You kneel low.
Realm of Darkness says, "Count Dardnate, let us know what else we can do to serve the king"
Fenix reborn shakes his fist.
Realm of Darkness kneels low.
Dark Entropy says, "We spread the word of Viamont Count Dardante"

Count Dardante says, "Those of you who have been loya shall be summoned to speak with me in private."
Budding Bower salutes.
Jothany kneels low.
Sell Your Soul says, "I await your summons, Count Dardante."
Jelly Belly says, "We await your word, Count."

Count Dardante says, "The rest can stay here and ponder thier own weakness"
Budding Bower says, "we anxious await your word"
Jothany says, "your orders, my lord"
Jelly Belly kneels low.
Dark Entropy says, "We will await your summons mylord"
Jelly Belly says, "You will get your reward when the false queen is finally taken care of, for good."
Dictator says, "and you will get exectuted when you false Dictator is put to rest"
Realm of Darkness kneels low.

Count Dardante has teleported you.

Chat Log with Dardante (05/04/2006)

You kneel low.

Count Dardante says, "Rise."

Count Dardante says, "We shall wait for the rest."

You sit down.

Count Dardante says, "I assume others are coming?"
You say, "yes"

Count Dardante says, "Good."
You say, "Nastazio is unable to enter as he had not had a chance to do the Rossu morta quest, he is a new recruit to viamont."

Count Dardante says, "I see. Rectify this."

Count Dardante says, "We need as many inducted into the Rossu Morta as we can."
You say, "I will try my lord. Many are stuck in the ways of fallowing the false queen and will not see the light."
You say, "Liquid ghost is coming and Death Paladin I believe is on his way as well."

Count Dardante says, "I see."

Count Dardante says, "What is Your feeling about Death Paladin?"

Count Dardante says, "Has he behaved in a manner loyal to Viamont? His faith seemed...less strong...on the battlefield."

Count Dardante says, "And he is a newer recruit."

Count Dardante says, "Ah, the one I speak of."
You say, "Potential my lord."

Count Dardante says, "I see."

Count Dardante sits down.

Count Dardante says, "We shall wait for Liquid Ghost."
You say, "with permission I will show him to this room."

Count Dardante says, "Go."

Count Dardante says, "You may sit as You wish."

Count Dardante says, "Now, please give me a report on how things stand with the Rossu Morta."
You say, "There has not been much activity my lord. New recruits are hard to come by."

Count Dardante says, "From Your perspective, at least."
Death Paladin says, "it seems that alot of the people are against the viamont.."

Count Dardante says, "I see. It seems that You have gathered a few since the last time, at least."

Count Dardante says, "Yes. Fools, all of them, blind to the inevitable conclusion of this war."

Count Dardante says, "Still, our consciences are clear - we have given them every chance we could."
You say, "It seems that the whispering blade is either spreading false information in an attempt to gain more, or the people of Dereth do not know how foolish they are."

Count Dardante says, "Speak to me of the Whispering Blade. What do You know of them?"
You say, "Not much. They are the mirror of the Rossu Morta, they follow the Queen though. It seems they have had people infiltrating Your lab, and questioning Your prisoners."

Count Dardante says, "Yes, I am aware of that. It is not of much concern - that path of questioning was mostly ceased in any event."

Count Dardante says, "It seems that my possessions are of much interest to the Whispering Blade."

Count Dardante says, "Still, let them be distracted. My focus is on other things, and they may loot as they see fit."
You say, "I am considering having a "friend"become a member of the Whispering Blade to gain more information. They most likely seek a weapon to Count Kurth."
You say, "Counter*"

Count Dardante says, "Be careful on that path. Sometimes the Whispering Blade has been note to detect the disloyal in their ranks."
You say, "If anything useful is gained it will have been a worthy sacrifice in the name of the King."

Count Dardante says, "Do any of You have questions for me? I am feeling indulgent today."
Death Paladin says, "not at the moment"
You say, "When will we get to see our king my lord? I wish to praise him in person as well as on the battle field."
Liquid Ghost says, "Whats next as for moving toward bring down the queen?"

Count Dardante says, "The king has no particular desire to travel at this moment. I would not expect to see him soon."

Count Dardante says, "You are speaking to a Count of Viamont. Is that not sufficient? Some peasants would give their right arm for this privilege."

Count Dardante says, "One of the agents in this chapter house will notify You soon."
You say, "It is more than sufficient my lord. I did not mean to sound ungrateful."

Count Dardante says, "Of course."
You say, "Is there anything in particular You wish us to do while we wait for our next official mission?"

Count Dardante says, "Recruit, and watch what the others do. Your tactics seem solid."

Count Dardante says, "If there are no more questions, I shall head back to my quarters."
Liquid Ghost says, "I am leading my Allg thou the Tasks to join its jsut a matter of getting them all on at the same time"
You say, "Yes my lord, thank You for speaking with us."

Count Dardante says, "Good, good."

You kneel low.

Count Dardante says, "Then serve the Rossu Morta loyally. I shall be watching."

Count Dardante is recalling to the lifestone.
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