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Note: You may use either a forward slash (/) or an at symbol (@) to begin any command.

Command(s) Effect
/deaths Displayed your number of deaths. Removed during the Waking from the Abyss event. This information is now displayed in the Backpack/Character Status Panel and optionally in your assessment window.
/index Displayed a list of Advocates currently on duty in a specific town. Now it displays:
The following channels are available to you:
/house available Previously listed the number and position of houses currently available for purchase. /hslist [house type] now performs the same function. Note: Using Apartment in the command does not list positions - only the number available.
/lifestone Previously killed your character and sent you to the lifestone. /lifestone now recalls you to your attuned lifestone, and /die is used to kill yourself.
/list <town name> Displayed a list the Advocates in or immediately near the town you are in.
/logopolis Opened a game of Pong within the game window.
/render detail
/render texpage on/off
/render radius #
/render fov #
Displayed available render commands. /render is still valid, but the sub-commands no longer function. These are now controlled in the Config tab of the Options Panel.
@render <option> <value>
texpage on/off  : toggles 3dfx texture paging system.
radius #  : set landscape radius (between 5 and 25)
fov #  : set field of view (between 10 and 160)
/sepaku Previously killed your character and sent you to the lifestone. /lifestone now recalls you to your attuned lifestone, and /die is used to kill yourself.
/Speaker clear
/Speaker set <Player>
Displayed who the current speaker of the allegiance was. Speakers were removed and replaced with the Allegiance Officer system during the Mired Hearts event. Using any of these commands will now display:
This command is no longer in use, please see @allegiance officer.

Update History[]

Heroes' Respite

  • @deaths command added.

To Raise a Banner of Flame

  • squelch commands updated.

Twilight's Gleaming

  • "@friends online" command added.

A Reign of Stone

  • @permit command for giving another player access to your corpse was added.

The Changing of the Ways

  • "@log <filename>" command added.

Chains of Command

Crests of a Turbulent Sea

  • @corpse and "@help fillcomps" commands added.

The Gathering Storm

  • @house hooks on/off commands added.

Fever Dreams

  • @house mansion_recall command added.


  • @house available command added.


  • @die command added and the @lifestone command now recalls you to the your lifestone instead of killing you.
  • @allegiance boot command added.

Hidden Vein

  • @house available command updated and now lists # of apartments available.


  • @filter command updated to allow filtering of recall messages.


  • @font command added.

A Swelling Tide

  • @day command added.

From the Darkness Born

  • @loadfile [filename] command added.

Under Cover of Night

  • @afk command added.

Down Twisting Paths

  • @hslist commands for listing one type of house added.