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Introduced:  Secrets of the Apostates Related Quests:  Spell Research, Mana Forges
Component Exchanger
Non-Player Killer
Component Exchanger Live.jpg
Race Various
Title Gamesmaster
Location Mana Forges (Cragstone, Hebian-To, Zaikhal)
Level 180
Strength 120
Endurance 100
Coordination 180
Quickness 180
Focus 120
Self 120
Health 55
Stamina 210
Mana 125


  • Hand the NPC one MMD note, and then hand a level VIII spell component you don't want for a new random component. Handing in one type (ink, glyph, quill) does not assure you will receive that same type.
  • The exchanger mostly gives glyphs but is confirmed to occasionally give inks and quills (unlike the chests the components appear to all have an equivalent chance of being given, which makes quills at only 4, very rare). This changes the calculus of using burden on chests, before glyphs were most desirable, but now quills and inks probably are since you will need them to make scrolls.

Lore & Dialog

Component Exchanger tells you, "I have built up a large stockpile of level eight spell components. If you would like a chance to trade a component you do not need for a new one it will cost you one MMD and the spell component you wish to exchange."

You allow Component Exchanger to examine your Ink of Nullification.
Component Exchanger tells you, "Please give me an MMD first, then try handing me this component again."

You hand over 1 of your Trade Notes (250,000).
Component Exchanger tells you, "Great! Now all I need from you is a component you would like to exchange."
You hand over 1 of your Inks of Nullification.
Component Exchanger gives you Glyph of Corrosion.
Component Exchanger tells you, "I hope you got something you wanted, if not why not try again?"