Garondish and Gharu'ndim have both been used as the adjective to people and things from or related to Ghar'un. In this article we will evaluate each word that has been used based on the following criteria:

  1. The number of sources.
  2. The in-universe sources.
  3. The in-universe dates.
  4. The real-world dates.


Garondish only appears in three locations: in beta concept art, in The Reign of Alfrega, and in The Glorious Reign of Empress Kou-an.

On the Sketches page of Turbine's beta website, there are two image files, garohouse.gif and garostore.gif, which have the alt text of garondish house corner and garondish general store.

The text The Reign of Alfrega was written by the Aluvian scholar Midistaff the Learned.[1] In this text, it is written that Alfrega was dressed in winterblue silks from the Garondish lands.[1] It is unknown when this text was written, but given that Midistaff wrote, "[Alfrega] was succeeded by her son, Osric, who would come to be known as the Wise,"[1] it had to be written during or after the reign of Osric - 810 RC or later.

The text The Glorious Reign of Empress Kou-an was written by a Sho scholar, who was retelling the words of Kou-an.[2] In this text, Empress Kou-an is said to have written, "The Gharu'ndim, sometimes called the Garondish by outsiders..."[2] Empress Kou-an was the great granddaughter of Emperor Kou,[2] and Emperor Kou was said to have united the Sho under his rule in 1046 RC,[3] So the statement by Kou-an was likely written in the 1100s RC.

The concept art containing the word Garondish was released during the beta. The word first appears in game in the text The Reign of Alfrega. This text was written by Stormwaltz during the beta.[4] The word does not appear again until Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty, when it resurfaces in the text The Glorious Reign of Empress Kou-an on the AC:DM CD Lore. Garondish appears in this text with an in-universe explanation for both Garondish and Gharu'ndim being used.


Gharu'ndim has too many sources to list here. It has been used by many cultures, including the Gharu'ndim themselves, for many years. It first appeared in the Beta and has been used since then.


There is no analysis to do, as Gharu'ndim wins over Garondish in every criteria.


Gharu'ndim is the proper adjective to use. Garondish seems to be a dated term, having not been used for possibly 200 years, and it appears to only have been used by other cultures.


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