The Aluvian rebellion against the Olthoi is one of the core elements of the story of Asheron's Call. Over the years, the events of the Olthoi Rebellion have been retold many times, and some inconsistencies or contradictions have arisen.


Beta / Release

The most detailed account of the Olthoi Rebellion comes from the Microsoft Games article Asheron's Call Historical Archive.[1] While the article is too long to adequately summarize here, some of the important information from it is:

  • 25 years ago, portals to Dereth started to appear in Aluvia.
  • The first arrivals were killed by the Olthoi, but eventually, the Olthoi began to keep some humans as slaves. Some humans managed to escape to the surface, living fear filled nomadic lives. Eventually, Thorsten Cragstone emerged as a leader among these free people.
  • Elysa Strathelar arrived in Dereth and was captured by Olthoi. She was enslaved for months, but successfully escaped. She was pursued by Olthoi, cornered in a desert canyon, and rescued by Thorsten and his band of rebels.
  • (more to come...)

The Asheron's Call manual's The Story of Asheron's Call section and the Zone article Dereth: A Brief History for Travelers both contain the same brief summary of the Olthoi Rebellion:

For many years the humans lived as Olthoi slaves, but a band of rebels—led by the noblewoman Elysa Strathelar and the warrior Thorsten Cragstone—chose to fight. Aided by Asheron's Magic, they slew the Olthoi queen and won freedom, though the fight cost Thorsten his life. Now, ten years later, Elysa has vanished and Asheron's whereabouts are unknown.[2][3]

Thorsten's funeral was held at Chapel Blackspire, a simple outdoor church.[4]




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  • 2001/11 Dark Majesty - AC:DM CD Lore: Ages of the Empyrean
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