The Aluvian rebellion against the Olthoi is one of the core elements of the story of Asheron's Call. Over the years, the events of the Olthoi Rebellion have been retold many times, and some inconsistencies or contradictions have arisen.


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The most detailed account of the Olthoi Rebellion comes from the Microsoft Games article Asheron's Call Historical Archive.[1] A nearly identical copy of this appeared in the Asheron's Call: Sybex Official Strategies and Secrets book.[2] The following is a summary of the portions of those texts that relate to the Olthoi Rebellion:

Twenty-five years ago, portals to Dereth started to appear in Aluvia. The first arrivals were killed by the Olthoi, but eventually, the Olthoi began to keep some humans as slaves. Some humans managed to escape to the surface, living fear filled nomadic lives. Eventually, Thorsten Cragstone emerged as a leader among these free people.
Elysa Strathelar arrived in Dereth and was captured by Olthoi. She was enslaved for months, but successfully escaped. She was pursued by Olthoi, cornered in a desert canyon, and rescued by Thorsten and his band of rebels. Thorsten, Elysa, and Thorsten's men were pursued by Olthoi. Eventually they made it to safety in the Underground City. By this time, only a handful of rebels remained. Thorsten was content simply living in the safety of the city, but Elysa, who had been a slave longer than Thorsten, wanted to free their people.
Elysa found and translated an Empyrean text, which described the fall of the Empyrean, Asheron, and where to find a portal to his island. Eventually, Thorsten and Elysa made their way to Asheron's castle. Elysa was transported inside, found Asheron, and pleaded for help. Asheron gave her two things: an Olthoi slaying elixir, and the advice that they must kill the Olthoi queen. With that, Elysa was returned outside to Thorsten.
Armed with the elixir-treated weapons, Thorsten and his handful of men raided a small Olthoi nest. Though many of his warriors died in the attack nearly fifty slaves were rescued. Over the next several years, Thorsten and Elysa's band of rebels grew with more freed slaves. Elysa discovered the location of the queen's nest, and the time for the final battle had come.
Their army now numbered in the thousands. They fought their way to the queen's sanctum. Thorsten fought his way through the Olthoi nobles to the queen, only to be killed by her. Elysa shot one elixir-coated arrow through the eye of the queen, killing it. The humans won their freedom, at the cost of Thorsten's life. Elysa took his body back to the underground city and laid him to rest there.
Ten years have passed since the queen was killed. A year ago, on the anniversary of Thorsten's death, Elysa disappeared. Some suspect she may have returned to Asheron's tower.

The Asheron's Call manual's The Story of Asheron's Call section and the Zone article Dereth: A Brief History for Travelers both contain the same brief summary of the Olthoi Rebellion:

For many years the humans lived as Olthoi slaves, but a band of rebels—led by the noblewoman Elysa Strathelar and the warrior Thorsten Cragstone—chose to fight. Aided by Asheron's Magic, they slew the Olthoi queen and won freedom, though the fight cost Thorsten his life. Now, ten years later, Elysa has vanished and Asheron's whereabouts are unknown.[3][4]

The Quick Reference Card tells us that Thorsten's funeral was held at Chapel Blackspire, a simple outdoor church.[5]

The original intro video depicts Elysa arriving on Dereth, being captured by Olthoi, and escaping from them. It skips ahead to her and Thorsten finding Asheron's tower, and Elysa meeting Asheron and being gifted the elixir. It skips ahead again to the final battle against the queen, Thorsten dying, and Elysa slaying the queen.[6]

The text The Underground City describes the discovery of the city in greater detail, as recounted by Elysa:[7]

Olthoi had been tracking the scent of Elysa, Thorsen, and their band of escaped slaves for days. They crossed the river in hopes of confusing the Olthoi. Soon after corssing, Thorsten spotted a portal in the distance. After hours of backtracking to ensure the Olthoi could not follow their trail, all seven of them slipped through the portal, and found themselves on an island in the middle of Lake Blessed, then called Olthoi Lake.
They discovered the underground city, and to their relief it was free of Olthoi. Thorsten declared it to be a new capital for free humans, where they will plot to overthrow the Olthoi. Their numbers slowly grew as they went back to the mainland to search for other escaped slaves.

The text The Days of the Olthoi goes into greater detail on what life was like under the subjugation of the Olthoi. There are only a few details about the Olthoi Rebellion. The author and her mother were held in the nest of the Olthoi queen. They were liberated by Elysa and Thorsten, during the final battle of the rebellion. The author noted that once the queen was killed, the rest of the Olthoi were thrown into chaos, and could be easily walked by or killed. She also wrote that while the Olthoi are not so mindless now (at the time of the writing), they never returned to their former intelligence. The final detail we has is that, when the author finally made it to the surface, she was met with sunlight on an open, grassy field.[8]

A few other sources give us some information about members of the rebellion. Trothyr was among the first to join Elysa and Thorsten's band.[9] Branith fought along side Thorsten.[10] Jenavere fought along side Elysa and Thorsten.[11] An old copy of the Crossroads of Dereth Timeline also states that Tibri was among the band of rebels, but an official source for that has not been located.

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