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During the beta and at release, the information we have about Tumeroks is rather simple. In the original manual's bestiary as well as the Zone bestiary, Tumeroks are described as warlike humanoids, related to Drudges, Mossworts, and Banderlings. They are the most dangerous of these four species, possessing near-human intelligence. They can use magic, and have built their own dungeons and fortifications across the Direlands. They prefer dry, rocky regions, which is why they have made the Direlands their home. It is said that the Olthoi rejected using them as slaves because they were too brutish and violent. They are known to use their cousin species as slaves, in particular the Drudges. They are described as natural conquerors, and have encroached on human settlements in the past.[1][2]

Early lore is rife with Tumerok attacks on humans, mostly in the Aluvian territories. The Fort Witshire texts state that in the very early years after the defeat of the Olthoi Queen, the land was constantly under attack from Tumeroks.[3][4] The Story of Ben Ten and Yanshi states that in the early days of Sho settlement, Tumeroks were more plentiful in Osteth, but they did not raid south of the Aluvian lands.[5]

Yanshi itself was attacked by Tumeroks, seemingly the exception to the rule that Tumeroks did not raid to the south. When this attack occurred, and the general history of Yanshi, is discussed more on Sho Settlement on Dereth.

Edelbar was an Aluvian settlement west of Holtburg. At some point, it was attacked by Tumeroks, and Alatar Locke's friend Galtith died helping the townsfolk escape.[6]

Holtburg itself was besieged by Tumeroks in Portal Year 6.[7][8][9]

Rithwic, settled in Portal Year 7, was once on the edge of Aluvian territory. When the frontier had moved to Dryreach, Rithwic became insulated from Tumerok raids.[10]

Fort Witshire is said to have been created to defend against Tumerok attacks, but it only served this purpose for a short time, and when the Tumeroks were driven back, it was abandoned.[3][4]

Dryreach is perhaps the most infamous Tumerok siege, as the town has been under siege for the entirety of the game. We don't know when Dryreach was first settled, but we do know it was settled after Rithwic,[10] and presumably before Lytelthorpe. Likewise, we don't know when the siege began, but the Dryreach barkeeper said that the siege had grown more fierce lately (lately being at release),[11] implying that the siege had been going on for some time. The Dryreach Rumor questions what Tumeroks are doing in that part of the island,[12] which might imply that the seige began after the Tumeroks were driven back, as mentioned in the Witshire texts.[3][4]

And finally, while not an attack, it is said that when Lord Balthall and Lady Winthura disappeared in Portal Year 9, a band of Tumeroks moved into their abandoned estate north of Khayyaban.[13]

An early piece of lore, Loredane's Invitation, suggested that Tumeroks were in some way thralls of Bael'Zharon. In this piece, Loredane wrote, "At last I crossed over into the Direlands. Avoiding the savage tumeroks – alas, that my new dream-master did not enslave them as thoroughly as he did me – I slipped through the parched and desolate lands, guided only by the increasing dark joy in my heart."[14] This concept is somewhat supported with in game evidence. For example, the Tumerok Dungeon contains a shrine to Bael'Zharon.[15]

Dark Majesty

In the months leading up to Dark Majesty, we started to see Tumeroks working with the Virindi.

In Snowreap, 12 PY, the Desert March appeared. This dungeon was obviously under Virindi control, with Virindi and their altered drudges residing inside, and the dungeon interior and exterior decorated with portal magic effects. But the entrance was guarded by Tumeroks, who could also be found within.[16]

In The next month, Coldeve, 12 PY, Ardry the Dubious witnessed a meeting between a Virindi and a Tumerok in the Direlands. The Virindi gave the Tumerok a necklace and a morningstar, then summoned a portal for the Tumerok and his followers.[17]

Several months later, in Verdantine, 12 PY, six Tumerok clans appeared all across Dereth. New military recruiters in the capital cities of Cragstone, Hebian-To, and Ziakhal asked for assistance to deal with the Virindi/Tumerok alliance.[18]

In the same month, a joint Tumerok and Virindi invasion force appeared outside of the capitals. These forces constisted of Tumerok camps and floating Virindi towers, along with several dungeons.[19]

The next month, Thistledown, 12 PY, the alliance continued, with Tumeroks appearing in the northern and southern Simulacra infiltrator keeps.[20][21]

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