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The contracts panel allows you to view a list of the Contracts that you have acquired and other information including:

  • The contract's status.
  • The contact or quest NPC.
  • The contact's location.
  • The quest's location.
  • A brief description of the quest.

The status of a contract can display one of three messages:

  • Available (for a quest that you have yet to start)
  • In Progress (a quest that you have begun)
  • Done (a quest that you have completed)

Contracts that are now completed will also display the current Quest Timer (the time left until you can repeat the quest).


Main article: Quest Journal

The journal is an in-game tool used to make notes and keep track of quest timers. See the Quest Journal page for an in-depth article on this panel.


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Update History

Gears of Change

  • Journal panel added to the interface.

Lost City of Neftet

  • Contracts panel added to the interface.

Fowl Play

  • The Contracts list was increased to 100.
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