One of the original Viamontian clans, later transformed in the House of Corcosi. The Viamontian Royal Bloodline, starting with Karlun and currently represented by King Varicci I on Ispar and his son, King Varicci II in Dereth comes from this clan or house.[1] The Red Bull is the heraldic animal of the House of the Corcosi and also a symbol for Sanamar.[2]

Homebase on Ispar is the royal city of Corcosa with its port.[1][3]

Members are titled with "di Corcosi" or "du Corcosi", sometimes "di Corcosa"

The Corcosi were a tribe which controlled some of the best pasturelands, as well as a natural port on the southern coast of the peninsula. They were wealthy and their lands well-defended, but possessed neither the strength nor the inclination to challenge the Bellenni or the Lotili. They were not particularly warlike by the standards of their time, and had forged a series of reasonably stable trade relationships with other tribes. They had gone so far as to establish small outposts along the coasts and rivers to serve as ports. They could be considered the most diplomatically inclined tribe of their time.

However, the Corcosi became something quite different when a stranger named Karlun appeared in their midst. He took over as chieftain of the Corcosi tribe in unprecedented fashion. Soon after, the Corcosi leveraged their trade connections into military alliances with other tribes and began a breathtakingly swift and effective campaign to unite them under his rule. [1]

Notable Members

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