Introduced:  Intelligent Designs Related Quests:  Monouga Laboratory
Corporal Liao Chen
Non-Player Killer
Corporal Liao Chen Live
Race Male Sho
Title Guard
Location 25.6N 49.3E in Cragstone
Level 87
Strength 150
Endurance 100
Coordination 150
Quickness 90
Focus 90
Self 60
Health 120
Stamina 90
Mana 70


Lore & Dialog

Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "Greetings, adventurer. I greet you in the name of Queen Elysa, whose command brings me here today."
Corporal Liao Chen gives you Monouga Laboratory Portal Attunement Gem.
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "We seek intrepid adventurers like yourself, who might be willing to help us investigate a concerning development. It seems that some travelers have discovered a cavern in which drudges have been keeping monougas captive. What is unusual is that the drudges have very sophisticated portal sending enchantments which would seem to be beyond their means. We suspect Virindi involvement of some sort."
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "Therefore, Prince Borelean led an expedition to investigate this drudge cavern. When he was finished, he had determined a way to reverse the portal sending - to open a portal from that location to the source of the monougas. These portal gems are the result of that determination."
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "The Queen has commanded that whatever lay on the other side of that portal transit should be explored carefully, with the assumption that whatever is there is hostile. To do so, take the gem I have given you and charge it against the feeding bell. It will reverse the workings of the bell's portal sending magic, and, instead of summoning a drudge and a monouga, will open portals to the source of these monsters."
Corporal Liao Chen tells you, "You are welcome to explore the drudge cave, although many have explored it before now. The Queen seeks adventurers to enter the portal from which the monougas come, and hopefully more fully identify exactly what all of this humanoid activity means to the Isparian inhabitants of Dereth."

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