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Introduced:  Atonement

Covenant Armor

Armor Summary
Name: Covenant Armor
Heritage: Lugian
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot


  • Covenant armor is unique in its design. Unlike all other types, Covenant armor (abbreviated as cov) is unenchantable, comes with base armor levels of up to 509, and requires base defense skill levels to wield. Cov can, however, come with enchantments which will increase its armor values.
  • The armor consists of 9 parts
  • Base material is usually some kind of metal.
  • It cannot be tinkered with steel. Instead players tinker its physical and elemental protection values to increase its effectiveness.
  • Originally, cov armor could not be dyed, and only came with Melee and Missile Defense requirements. The dyeable property and Magic Defense requirements were introduced in later events.
  • When dyed, it takes on a deep variation of the color.
  • Noticeable is that, though Covenant is a metal armor, the failed dyeing results in a bright pink, like clothing.
  • In the Ancient Powers, a new armor type, Olthoi Armor, was introduced with the same properties as Covenant Armor.

Because of its properties, Covenant armor is perfect for characters without Item Enchantment. A piece with the proper built-in banes and impen and protection tinkers can be as effective as standard enchantable armor. Because of its high base AL, cov armor is also useful as anti-hollow armor.

Covenant armor is created by the Lugians of Linvak Tukal. It was delivered to The Arcanum, but was stolen from their storehouse. From the Atonement Teaser, “The Lugians delivered the armor to us as promised. But when the storehouses were raided, we lost every last piece. We have had very little luck ascertaining the whereabouts of anything that was taken.”

Covenant Armor Tinkering

Covenant Armor can also be tinkered, ImmortalBob's Covenant Armor Tinkering Guide may help in decisions on how you go about tinkering your Covenant armor.

Quest Covenant Armor

Saelgauloi Icon.png Saelgauloi

Underclothing Coloration

Each piece of Covenant Armor has inlaid designs that take their coloration from the underclothes that the character is wearing. Many of the designs take on the color of the character's shirt, while a subdued secondary pattern takes on the color of the character's pants.

One interesting and little-known fact is that the more recently added shirts and pants with larger icons and multiple colors, such as Silk Lace Shirts, Poet's Shirts, and Viamontian Pants, have two colors. Both of these colors transfer to the Covenant Armor's inlaid designs, creating a much more intricate pattern.

Loot Covenant Armor Pieces

Click image for full size.
Covenant Helm Icon.png Covenant Helm Covenant Breastplate Icon.png Covenant Breastplate Covenant Girth Icon.png Covenant Girth
Covenant Helm Live.jpg Covenant Breastplate Live.jpg Covenant Girth Live.jpg
Covenant Gauntlets Icon.png Covenant Gauntlets Covenant Bracers Icon.png Covenant Bracers Covenant Pauldrons Icon.png Covenant Pauldrons
Covenant Gauntlets Live.jpg Covenant Bracers Live.jpg Covenant Pauldrons Live.jpg
Covenant Sollerets Icon.png Covenant Sollerets Covenant Greaves Icon.png Covenant Greaves Covenant Tassets Icon.png Covenant Tassets
Covenant Sollerets Live.jpg Covenant Greaves Live.jpg Covenant Tassets Live.jpg

Dyed Covenant Armor

Dyed Covenant Armor
Covenant Armor Lapyan Icon.png
(Light Blue)
Covenant Armor Colban Icon.png
(Dark Blue)
Covenant Armor Verdalim Icon.png
Covenant Armor Minalim Icon.png
(Mint Green)
Covenant Armor Relanim Icon.png
Covenant Armor Lapyan Live.jpg Covenant Armor Colban Live.jpg Covenant Armor Verdalim Live.jpg Covenant Armor Minalim Live.jpg Covenant Armor Relanim Live.jpg
Covenant Armor Thananim Icon.png
Covenant Armor Hennacin Icon.png
Covenant Armor Argenory Icon.png
Covenant Armor Berimphur Icon.png
Covenant Armor Fail Icon.png
Covenant Armor Thananim Live.jpg Covenant Armor Hennacin Live.jpg Covenant Armor Argenory Live.jpg Covenant Armor Berimphur Live.jpg Covenant Armor Fail Live.jpg

Palettes and dye effects

Dye Effects

  • Note that these colors can NOT be found as Loot colors
Known Palettes for Dyed Covenant Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Head BP Girth Upper Arms Lower Arms Gaunts Upper Legs Lower Legs Feet
5055 CovenantLapyan 1293DB 1084C5 000000?? 0E71A9 0D6CA1 0B5D8C 0E73AD 0D6CA1 0D6CA1 0B5C89
5053 CovenantColban 0D31A4 0B2C93 000000?? 0A267E 092478 081F68 0A2681 092478 092478 081F66
5049 CovenantVerdalim 026700 026900 000000?? 024B00 024D00 024900 025B00 024000 024000 024E00
5056 CovenantMinalim 12DB72 10C567 000000?? 0EA959 0DA153 0B8C49 0EAD5B 0DA153 0DA153 0B8947
5054 CovenantRelanim 6D0DA4 620B93 000000?? 540A7E 500978 460868 570A81 500978 500978 440866
5052 CovenantThananim 2A2A2A 252525 000000?? 202020 1E1E1E 1A1A1A 212121 1E1E1E 1E1E1E 1A1A1A
5050 CovenantHennacin 67000A 69000A 000000?? 4B0008 4D0008 7D150C 5B0009 400007 400007 4E0008
5057 CovenantArgenory 7C7C7C 707070 000000?? 626262 5E5E5E 525252 5E5E5E 5E5E5E 5E5E5E 515151
5051 CovenantBerimphur 675000 695100 000000?? 4B3A00 4D3B00 493800 5B4600 403100 403100 4E3C00
5048 FailedOrange EF3570 EE2364 000000?? E61357 E01253 CF104D E91257 E01253 E01253 CC104C
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Palettes found in loot

Known Palettes for Covenant Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Helmet VT Girth VT Hands VT Feet VT
5016 Aquarium 0FACC1 0E9AAE 0C8495 0C8798 096B79
5017 ClementOcean 0D8E9F 0B7F8F 0A6D7B 0A6F7E 085964
5018 AthenahAqua 0A6E7B 09626F 07545F 075661 06444D
5019 DeepSea 074C55 06444D 053A42 053C43 042F35
5020 DuskSea 21D5ED 12CDE6 11B6CE 10B9D1 0E9EB1
5021 VaporGolem 2FD8EE 1DD4ED 12C6DF 12C8E3 0FB0C5
5022 RaineAqua 43DBF0 32D8EF 1ED3ED 20D4ED 11C6DF
5023 BlissfulBlue 12C3DB 10AFC5 0E96A9 0E99AD 0B7A89
5024 GuardianShadow 484848 414141 373737 393939 2D2D2D
5025 DemonGrey 3A3A3A 343434 2C2C2C 2D2D2D 242424
5026 BuckleGrey 333333 2D2D2D 272727 282828 1F1F1F
5027 DarkestNight 272727 232323 1B1B1B 1F1F1F 181818
5028 ThunderGrey 636363 5B5B5B 4F4F4F 515151 424242
5029 ShalfiGrey 6E6E6E 666666 5B5B5B 5D5D5D 4E4E4E
5030 StonehengeGrey 747474 6C6C6C 616161 636363 555555
5031 Sturdyiron 5D5D5D 545454 484848 4A4A4A 3A3A3A
5032 Kalseyeblue 2D10C7
5033 SoulShakerBlue 290EB4
5034 RalphBlue 220C95
5035 AzzyBlue 1D0A7F
5036 HollowBlue 4121ED
5037 MagiBlue 5335EF
5038 CassieBlue 6348F0
5039 LissetteBlue 3212DB
5040 CalinCayenne C15900
5041 RusticWood AA4E00
5042 SouthwestOrange 914200
5043 BurntOrange 7F3600
5044 OwnuzOrange F77100
5045 TommyOrange FF8216
5046 SuxOrange FF8A26
5047 SeedlingOrang DB6500
5058 BeerGold C19502 AE8701 957301 987601 795D01
5059 KuanGold AF8701 9D7A01 876901 8A6B01 6D5501
5060 SyndicateGold 9A6F01 8A6401 775601 795801 604501
5061 VoodooGold 7B5301 6F4B01 5F4001 614201 4D3400
5062 SunbeamGold EFC302 DAB302 C09E01 C4A201 A28501
5063 EasthamBeach FDD005 EDC302 D5AF01 D8B301 B99701
5064 LunaGold FDD316 FDD104 E9BF01 ECC301 CEA901
5065 Popcorn DBBB02 C5A902 A99101 AD9501 897501
5066 MeadowGreen 1DBB0F
5067 VeestVerdigris 17990C
5068 ValleyGreen 137A0A
5069 TofinoGreen 0D5907
5070 GroveGreen 24EC13
5071 Grasshopper 33ED23
5072 LonsgardGreen 46EF37
5073 Spearmint 22DB12
5074 JaylaPurple AC0FC1 9A0EAE 840C95 880C98 6B0979
5075 KellyPurple 970DAA 870C99 740A83 770A86 5E086A
5076 ElocinPurple 710A7F 650972 570862 590864 46064F
5077 EruEggplant 54075E 4B0655 400649 42064A 34043B
5078 SultressPurple D31AED C612DF AF10C5 B310C9 960DA8
5079 LingiePink D82FEE D41DED C612DF CA12E3 AF0FC5
5080 DeitrichPurple DB43F0 D832EF D31EED D520ED C611DF
5081 YasuhiroPurple C312DB AF10C5 960EA9 9A0EAD 7A0B89
5082 Ruby C32214 B01E12 961A0F 9A1B10 7A150C
5083 RoxyRed B11F12 9F1B10 88170E 8C180E 6E130B
5084 RenegadeRose A01C10 90190F 7C150C 7F160D 64110A
5085 ShorionRed 84170D 77140C 66110A 69120A 530E08
5086 FeistyRed ED2B1A DF2212 C51E10 C91F10 A8190D
5087 CabalistCoral EE3E2F ED2D1D DF2212 E32312 C51E0F
5088 CoralPink F05648 EF4638 ED3424 EE3726 E62312
5089 DevilMouseRed DB2212 C51E10 A91A0E AD1B0E 89150B
5090 JatteGray BBBBBB A8A8A8 909090 949494 747474
5091 SilverCloud 969696 606060 6E6E6E 515151 5B5B5B
5092 GullumGrey 7C7C7C 6F6F6F 5F5F5F 626262 4D4D4D
5093 OmyGrey 636363 595959 4C4C4C 4E4E4E 3D3D3D
5094 RabbitWhite DFDFDF C7C7C7 A2A2A2 A9A9A9 888888
5095 GabrielsGrey E4E4E4 D2D2D2 BDBDBD C0C0C0 A4A4A4
5097 GhostGrey DBDBDB C5C5C5 A9A9A9 ADADAD 898989
5099 EloiseGreen 0EA900 0C9C00 0B8B00 0B8E00 097900
5100 SweetPotato B65813 A34F11 8C440E 8F450F 71370B
5101 RangerGreen 0C8C00 0A7E00 096C00 096F00 075800
5102 GanzorGreen 0A7000 086500 075600 075800 064600
5103 Leafcull 0FB300 0DA800 0C9900 0C9C00 0A8900
5104 MosswartGreen 086100 075800 064B00 064D00 053D00
5105 CeledorGreen 0B7F00 097200 086200 086400 074F00
5106 RhyssRusset 96480F 87410E 74380C 76390C 5E2D09
5107 Cinnamon C15D14 AF5512 994A0F 9C4B10 7F3E0C
5108 BeanBrown 65310A 5B2C09 4E2508 502608 3F1E06
5109 DebieGreen 096800 085E00 075100 075200 054100
5110 HillsideGreen 0D9B00 0B8D00 0A7C00 0A7F00 086900
5111 BoxyBrown 8C440E 7E3D0D 6C340B 6E350B 572A09
5112 BrightGinger E46E17 D46716 C15E13 C35E14 AB5310
5113 CowBrown D36616 C25E14 AE5411 B05512 96490E
5114 FoxBrown 833F0D 75390C 65310A 67320A 512708
5115 AscusBlue 2B0FBF 270DAC 220C93 220C97 1B0977
5116 KaiBlue 290FB7 250DA5 200B8D 210B91 1A0972
5117 KaliBlue 3212DB 2D10C5 270EA9 280EAD 1F0B89
5118 BanditBlue 270EAB 230C9A 1E0A84 1F0A87 18086B
5119 ShazzaBlue 2E10CD 2A0EB8 240D9E 250DA2 1D0A80
5120 DanbyBlue 210B91 1D0A82 190970 1A0972 14075A
5121 SkariksBlue 3412E5 2F10D0 290FB5 2A0FB9 220C96
5122 NovemberBlue 240DA0 200B90 1C0A7B 1D0A7E 160864
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Known Issues

  • When dying Covenant armor, Tassets will always adopt the color of your Covenant Greaves, this means you do not need to Dye your Tassets and only need to Dye your Greaves to make both pieces inherit the Dyed color.