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Crafter Quest
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 10+
Type: Solo
Starts At: ??
Repeat: ??


Complete tasks for the Apprentice and Journeymen crafters of Dereth.

Walkthrough & Notes


Apprentice Cooks
Town Name Coords Item Needed
Mayoi Apprentice Cook 61.8S, 81.8E Flaming Kimchi
Glenden Wood Apprentice Cook 29.6N, 27.2E Hot Kimchi
Al-Arqas Apprentice Cook 31.1S 13.9E Mushroom Noodle
Lytelthorpe Apprentice Cook 0.7N, 51.2E Chicken Noodle
Nanto Apprentice Cook 52.5S, 82.0E Fish Noodle
Uziz Apprentice Cook 25.7S, 28.3E Spiced Apple Pie
Journeyman Cooks
Town Name Coords Item Needed
Crater Lake Village Journeyman Cook 64.9N 13.6E Fried Mushroom Dough
Bandit Castle Journeyman Cook 66.5N, 50.0E Fried Cinnamon Dough
Neydisa Castle Journeyman Cook 69.5N, 17.7E Fried Anchovy Dough


Apprentice Fletchers
Town Name Coords Item Needed
Khayyaban Apprentice Fletcher 47.1S, 24.7E Greater Acid Arrowhead
Sawato Apprentice Fletcher 28.6S, 59.4E Greater Lightning Arrowhead
Eastham Apprentice Fletcher 17.3N, 63.2E Greater Frost Arrowhead
Rithwic Apprentice Fletcher 10.4N, 58.2E Frost Arrowhead
Samsur Apprentice Fletcher 2.9S, 19.6E Lightning Arrowhead
Yanshi Apprentice Fletcher 12.1S, 42.6E Acid Arrowhead
Journeyman Fletchers
Town Name Coords Item Needed
Plateau Village Journeyman Fletcher 44.0N 43.5W Hollow Quarrelshaft
Danby's Outpost Journeyman Fletcher 23.4N, 28.8W Hollow Arrowshaft
MacNiall's Freehold Journeyman Fletcher 74.2S, 92.2E Hollow Atlatl Dartshaft


Apprentice Alchemists
Town Name Coords Item Needed
Lin Apprentice Alchemist 54.4S, 73.5E Concentrated Frost Oil
Arwic Apprentice Alchemist 33.4N, 56.8E Concentrated Lightning Oil
Zaikhal Apprentice Alchemist 13.9N, 0.1E Concentrated Bloodseeker Oil
Holtburg Apprentice Alchemist 42.1N, 33.8E Frost Infusion
Shoushi Apprentice Alchemist 33.3S, 72.8E Acid Infusion
Yaraq Apprentice Alchemist 21.6S, 1.6W Lightning Infusion
Journeyman Alchemists
Town Name Coords Item Needed
Qalaba'r Journeyman Alchemist 74.3S, 19.3E Lead Lodestone
Kara Journeyman Alchemist 83.4S, 47.2E Copper Lodestone
Dryreach Journeyman Alchemist 8.1S, 73.1E Iron Lodestone


Apprentice task
Experience: 5,000 (??% up to level ??)
Experience: 10,000 (??% up to level ??)
Journeyman task
Experience: 50,000 (??% up to level ??)

Update History

Pillars Made of Sand

  • Introduced.

All That They Survey

  • Journeyman crafters added.
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