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See also Aun Golem Hunters for the quest to defeat 5 Golem lords


  • Creature Lords are unique creatues that sometimes appear on the landscape of Dereth. The lords send out a local area broadcast (a green text message) and can often be spotted by looking for this message.
The shimmer of what appears to be a Diamond Lord catches your eye.
  • Most of the creature lords drop special trophies in addition to dropping regular trophies like pyreal motes and crystal shards at vastly increased rates when compared with regular creatures.
  • Belinda du Loc in Stonehold bestows the Rare Game Kill Task requiring 50 creature lord kills. She also enhances many of the special special creature lord trophies that are brought to her (unwanted items can be given back for a small XP reward instead).
  • There are also other rare creature types that spawn on the landscape, drop unique trophies, and have a related kill task.
Creature type Trophies Related kill task
Banished Creatures Banished Weapons Banished Creature Kill Task
Fallen Creatures Fallen Weapons Fallen Creature Kill Task

Creature Details

Lord Minions Trophies Special Trophy Enhanced Item Area message Locations
Banderling Leader Banderling Guard,
Banderling Raider,
Banderling Scout
Banderling Scalp Icon Banderling Scalp
Banderling Head Icon Banderling Head
N/A N/A Banderling Leader barks orders. Southwest of Baishi, Sawato and Tou-Tou
Basalt Golem Obsidian Golems Obsidian Heart Icon Obsidian Heart
Pyreal Nugget Icon Pyreal Nugget
Basalt Blade Icon Basalt Blade
Obsidian Axe Icon Obsidian Axe (bring blade to Trophy Smith for the axe)
Enhanced Basalt Blade Icon Enhanced Basalt Blade
Enhanced Obsidian Axe Icon Enhanced Obsidian Axe
Northern Osteth, Neydisa Valley
Cold One Chomu Sclavus Sclavus Tongue Icon Sclavus Tongue
Large Sclavus Hide Icon Large Sclavus Hide
Sturdy Iron Key Icon Sturdy Iron Key
Serpent's Fang Icon Serpent's Fang Enhanced Serpent's Fang Icon Enhanced Serpent's Fang Cold One lunges with his spear as its serpent head appears to bite at the air. East Direlands Swamp
Dark Inferno Pandemonium Shadow,
Umbris Shadow
Dark Shard Icon Dark Shard
Sturdy Iron Key Icon Sturdy Iron Key
Scroll of Dark Rain Icon Scroll of Dark Rain N/A Obsidian Plains
Dark Myrmidon Relic Bones A Large Mnemosyne Icon A Large Mnemosyne
Skeleton's Skull Icon Skeleton's Skull
Osseous Mace Icon Osseous Mace Enhanced Osseous Mace Icon Enhanced Osseous Mace Dark Myrmidon bones shift. Around Candeth Keep
Dark Sorcerer Dark Magus A Large Mnemosyne Icon A Large Mnemosyne
Sturdy Iron Key Icon Sturdy Iron Key
Dark Revenant Thighbone Icon Dark Revenant Thighbone
Dark Sorcerer's Phylactery Icon Dark Sorcerer's Phylactery Enhanced Dark Sorcerer's Phylactery Icon Enhanced Dark Sorcerer's Phylactery Dark Sorcerer stands, gaze lost on an orb. Around Candeth Keep
Diamond Lord Diamond Golems Diamond Heart Icon Diamond Heart
Diamond Powder Icon Diamond Powder
Pyreal Mote Icon Pyreal Mote
Sturdy Iron Key Icon Sturdy Iron Key
Diamond Shield Icon Diamond Shield Prismatic Diamond Shield Icon Prismatic Diamond Shield(Medium Harbinger) The shimmer of what appears to be a Diamond Lord catches your eye. Direlands, Candeth Keep and Fort Tethana area.
Dread Ursuin Dire Ursuins Ursuin Scalp Icon Ursuin Scalp Heavy Ursuin Coat Icon Heavy Ursuin Coat N/A Dread Ursuin growls biting at chunks of fur. Northern Osteth, Neydisa Valley, Linvak Mountain Range, Traitor's Island
Drudge Vagabond Drudge Robber,
Drudge Skulker,
Drudge Sneaker
Drudge Charm Icon Drudge Charm
Drudge Head Icon Drudge Head
N/A N/A Drudge Vagabond slinks around. Around Holtburg, Shoushi, and Yaraq
Forest Lord Wood Golems Wood Heart Icon Wood Heart N/A N/A Forest Lord settles into the earth. Southwest of Baishi, Sawato and Tou-Tou
Lord of Decay Skeleton Warriors A Tiny Mnemosyne Icon A Tiny Mnemosyne Skeletal Atlatl Icon Skeletal Atlatl Enhanced Skeletal Atlatl Icon Enhanced Skeletal Atlatl Lord of Decay groans indistinguishably. A'mun Desert
Lugian Warlord Gotrok Gigas Large Lugian Sinew Icon Large Lugian Sinew Soul Staff Icon Soul Staff Enhanced Soul Staff Icon Enhanced Soul Staff Lugian Warlord organizes battle plans. Linvak Mountain Range
Master of the Herd Auroch Fire Bull,
Auroch Fire Cow,
Auroch Fire Yearling
Fire Auroch Horn Icon Fire Auroch Horn N/A N/A Master of the Herd keeps vigilant watch over his herd. West of Eastham and Yanshi
Master of the Pack Veteran Reedsharks,Adult Reedsharks Reedshark Hide Icon Reedshark Hide Fetid Dirk Icon Fetid Dirk Enhanced Fetid Dirk Icon Enhanced Fetid Dirk Master of the Pack barks. West of Yanshi
Master of the Swamp Barker Mosswart,
Mudlurk Mosswart
Swamp Stone Icon Swamp Stone N/A N/A Master of the Swamp picks muck from between scales. Blackmire Swamp
Outcast Lord Outcast Monougas N/A N/A N/A Outcast Lord practises displays of strength before the other monougas. Around Holtburg, Shoushi, and Yaraq
Pure One Innocent Doll,
Innocuous Doll
Text Icon Parchment Edicts of the Singularity
Obsidian Shard Icon Obsidian Shard
Energy Crown Icon Energy Crown Enhanced Energy Crown Icon Enhanced Energy Crown You sense the presence of a Pure One. A'mun Desert
Red Phyntos Drone Red Phyntos Wasps Red Phyntos Wasp Wing Icon Red Phyntos Wasp Wing N/A N/A Red Phyntos Drone darts about seemingly organizing the other drones. Around Holtburg, Shoushi, and Yaraq
Sentient Fragment Dual Fragments Small Shard Icon Small Shard Crystal Sword Icon Crystal Sword Enhanced Crystal Sword Icon Enhanced Crystal Sword Sentient Fragment chimes loudly. Northern Osteth, Neydisa Valley, Linvak Mountain Range
Swamp King Mosswart Clingers Swamp Stone Icon Swamp Stone
Sturdy Iron Key Icon Sturdy Iron Key
Gauntlets of Marksmanship Icon Gauntlets of Marksmanship Enhanced Gauntlets of Marksmanship Icon Enhanced Gauntlets of Marksmanship Swamp King loudly organizes a stack of gunk covered stones. Lake around Kara, North Adjamaer Cottages, East Direlands Swamp
Tundra Mattekar Dire Mattekars Dire Mattekar Paw Icon Dire Mattekar Paw Robe of the Tundra Icon Robe of the Tundra Enhanced Robe of the Tundra Icon Enhanced Robe of the Tundra Ice falls from Tundra Mattekar's coat as it moves. Linvak Mountain Range


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Update History

Keep Your Enemies Closer

  • Creature lords introduced.

A Perfect Paradox

A Gathering of Colors

  • Trophy icons updated.

Come What Follows

Gaining Ground

  • Creatures now send out a local area broadcast to alert players to their presence.
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