Introduced:  Release
Crude Lockpick
Crude Lockpick Icon
  • Value: 150
  • Burden: 50
  • Use this item on a locked door or chest to pick the lock.
  • Number of uses remaining: 20


Sold By

NPC Cost Town/Area Coordinates
Merchant (18.1S, 56.9W) (Merchant) 233 18.1S, 56.9W - Merchant's Tent 18.1S, 56.9W
Merchant (30.7S, 72.1E) (Merchant) 233 30.7S, 72.1E - Merchant's House 30.7S, 72.1E
Merchant (41.7N, 35.2E) (Merchant) 233 41.7N, 35.2E - Merchant's Hut 41.7N, 35.2E
Merchant (75.5N 10.6E) (Merchant) 233 75.5N 10.6E - Vendor House 75.5N, 10.6E
Merchant (76.6N, 6.0W) (Merchant) 233 76.6N, 6.0W - Igloo 76.6N, 6.0W
Merchant (Baishi Fort) (Merchant) 233 48.6S, 60.0E - Baishi Fort 48.6S, 60.0E
Merchant (Eastham) (Merchant) 233 Merchant Cellar 26.3N, 63.9E
Merchant (Heartland) (Merchant) 233 8.9N, 43.4E - Merchant's House and Lifestone 8.9N, 43.4E
Merchant (Mountain Retreat) (Merchant) 233 Mountain Retreat 59.7N, 4.1W
Merchant (Nanto) (Merchant) 233 57.4S, 80.3E - Roadside Vendors 57.4S, 80.3E
Merchant (Night Club) (Merchant) 233 Night Club
Merchant (Samsur) (Merchant) 233 Samsur 4.5S, 23.6E
Merchant (Simda'r) (Merchant) 233 80.7S, 19.7E - Tent 80.7S, 19.7E
Merchant (Small Cave) (Merchant) 233 Samsur 4.1S, 17.3E
Merchant (South Direlands Midland) (Merchant) 233 88.1S, 60.9W - Merchant Tent 88.1S, 60.9W
Merchant (South Direlands) (Merchant) 233 82.4S, 34.3W - Merchant and Lifestone 82.4S, 34.3W
Merchant (Wilderness Fort) (Merchant) 233 Wilderness Fort 23.5N, 7.7W
Peddler (22.5N, 43.9E) (Peddler) 233 22.5N, 44.0E - Peddler Tent 22.5N, 44.0E
Peddler (25.7S, 74.7E) (Peddler) 233 25.7S, 74.7E - Peddler's House 25.7S, 74.7E
Peddler (27.8S, 68.3E) (Peddler) 233 Sho Roadside
Peddler (31.3S, 3.6E) (Peddler) 233 31.3S, 3.6E - Peddler and Lifestone 31.3S, 3.6E
Peddler (40.8N, 36.5E) (Peddler) 233 40.8N, 36.5E - Riverside Farm 40.8N, 36.5E
Peddler (42.4N, 32.2E) (Peddler) 233 42.4N, 32.2E - Healer and Peddler's House 42.4N, 32.2E
Peddler (44.6N 28.5W) (Peddler) 233 44.6N, 28.5W - Peddler's Hut 44.6N, 28.5W
Peddler (53.7N, 24.2E) (Peddler) 233 53.7N, 24.2E - Peddler's Hut 53.7N, 24.2E
Peddler (59.8S, 48.5E) (Peddler) 233 59.8S, 48.5E - Peddler's Hut 59.8S, 48.5E
Peddler (7.2N, 57.1E) (Peddler) 232 7.2N, 57.1E - Peddler's Farm 7.2N, 57.1E
Peddler (Accursed Halls) (Peddler) 233 Accursed Halls 24.0S, 57.9W
Peddler (Baishi Ridge) (Peddler) 233 Beach Fort 76.0N, 49.0W
Peddler (Beach Fort) (Peddler) 233 Beach Fort 76.0N, 49.0W
Peddler (Beachside) (Peddler) 233 68.8N, 51.6W - Beachside Farmstead 68.8N, 51.6W
Peddler (Brigand Sands) (Peddler) 233 63.7S, 26.2E - Tower 63.7S, 26.2E
Peddler (Empyrean Stone Tower) (Peddler) 233 54.3N, 17.4W - Empyrean Stone Tower 54.3N, 17.4W
Peddler (Fort Tethana) (Peddler) 233 Teth Golem Mountain 9.4S, 71.9W
Peddler (Glenden Wood) (Peddler) 233 31.2N, 19.8E - Peddler's Hut 31.2N, 19.8E
Peddler (Linvak Range) (Peddler) 233 73.3S, 31.9E - Peddler's Hut 73.3S, 31.9E
Peddler (Mattekar Slopes) (Peddler) 233 67.3S, 28.3E - Empyrean Ruins 67.3S, 28.3E
Peddler (Mountain Sewer) (Peddler) 233 Mountain Sewer 29.8S, 93.9E
Peddler (North Desert Edge) (Peddler) 233 4.8S, 2.9W - Peddler Tent 4.8S, 2.9W
Peddler (Peril's Edge) (Peddler) 233 29.4N, 52.0W - Peddler's Hut 29.4N, 52.0W
Peddler (Rithwic) (Peddler) 232 Rithwic 9.9N, 58.5E
Peddler (Sawato) (Peddler) 233 35.1S, 60.5E - Peddler and Lifestone 35.1S, 60.5E
Peddler (South Direlands) (Peddler) 233 73.4S, 36.1W - Peddler and Lifestone 73.4S, 36.1W
Peddler (Spire Hills) (Peddler) 233 57.9S, 40.0E - Sho Buildings 57.9S, 40.0E
Peddler (Uziz) (Peddler) 233 Uziz 31.0S, 24.7E
Peddler (Xinh) (Peddler) 233 82.1S, 63.7E - Archmage and Peddler 82.1S, 63.7E
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