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Introduced:  Hollow Victory Related Quests:  Gem of Impulse Quest
Crystal Nodule
Crystal Nodule Icon
  • Value: 5
  • Burden: 5
  • A geode found in the Knath'tead grottos beneath Xarabydun. There appears to be a small Knath growing inside it.
Crystal Nodule Live

Crystal Nodule


Handing in Crystal Nodule

You give Aino Lunnan-Shin Crystal Nodule.

Aino's eyes light up at the sight of the geode.

Aino Lunnan-Shin tells you, "Ah. A precious thing indeed."

She produces a few jeweler's tools and reworks the stone, chanting obscure spells to herself as she works. Soon, she hands back a fine gem.

Aino Lunnan-Shin gives you Gem of Impulse.
Handing in Crystal Nodule (before timer is up)

You give Aino Lunnan-Shin Crystal Nodule.

Aino Lunnan-Shin tells you, "My apologies. It would be unsafe for you to take another Impulse Gem at this time."

Aino Lunnan-Shin gives you Crystal Nodule.