Introduced:  Mirror, Mirror Related Quests:  Path of the Jojii Adherent
Crystals of Grace
Crystals of Grace Icon.png
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 500
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • Something can be applied to these crystals, but what that item is, is unclear.
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • These crystal appeared to be fit together to form sollerets when you found them, but they come apart easily.


You amass a small collection of crystals that link together, looking much like sollerets. They crystals come apart as easily as they can be put together.
  1. Use Pure Water on Crystals of Grace to create Sollerets of Grace.
    • Pure Water Icon.png + Crystals of Grace Icon.png = Sollerets of Grace Icon.png
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  1. Use Brazier of Power on Crystals of Grace to create Grace and Power.
    • Brazier of Power Icon.png + Crystals of Grace Icon.png = Grace and Power Icon.png
You sprinkle the crystals into the basin, preparing them for the perfect stone.
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