Introduced:  Noble Sacrifice Related Quests:  Virindi Rescue, Liberation of Uziz
Curator of Torment
Non-Player Killer
Curator of Torment Live
Race Virindi
Location Virindi Research Facility
Level 375
Strength 500
Endurance 500
Coordination 300
Quickness 300
Focus 400
Self 400
Health 12250
Stamina 4700
Mana 3900


  • Route:

Lore & Dialog

Curator of Torment says, "This cannot be! Fleshlings? Here?!?!?"
The room begins to crackle with energy.
The Curator of Torment slowly turns its gaze to the Virindi prisoners you released.
Virindi Captive says, "We will not be pets molded to your vision of perfection!"
Curator of Torment shocks you for 69 points with Galvanic Bomb.

Curator of Torment says, "There is much that still needs to be done. I have no time to waste on you insignificant little ones."
Curator of Torment says, "This will be a perfect test for my newest toy. Come Dravann, slay the intruders. Leave none alive. This I command!"
The Warden softly utters unfamiliar words.
Curator of Torment says, "Lesser beings such as your kind do not have the capacity to comprehend our intentions."
Curator of Torment says, "I have more pressing matters that now require my attention with this latest change in direction."
Curator of Torment says, "Let your deaths serve as a warning to any that would interfere with the Reaver of Dreams!"

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