Introduced:  Shattered Masks Related Quests:  Defeating the Curator of Torment
Curator of Torment
Curator of Torment Live
Class Virindi
Level 620
Loot Tier
Weaknesses Fire, Slash
Strength 500
Endurance 500
Coordination 500
Quickness 500
Focus 600
Self 600
Health 250000
Stamina 99900
Mana 100000
Advanced Stats
Melee Attack
Melee Defense
Missile Attack
Missile Defense
Magic Attack
Magic Defense



  • Located in the Inner Sanctum, inside of the Catacombs of Torment dungeon.
  • Originally appears as a NPC and respawns as an attackable creature during the final fight sequence.


Interacting with the NPC-form of the Curator of Torment

A voice echos in your mind, "So, you've worked so hard to find me. You've interrupted my experiments and you've interfered with my plans. I cannot let you continue to exist, but I'm still not convinced you're worth my time. Guards! Remove this vermin from my sanctum. Their presence pollutes this place."

After killing his guards

A voice echos in your mind, "Miserable failures! Can you not do something so simple as remove a few pathetic meat-bags?! Guardians! Succeed where the guards have failed, or face my wrath for your failure."

The Curator of Torment creature appears

A voice echos in your mind, "You've survived my guards and defeated my lientenants... Very well. I will deal with you myself."

Global message when the Curator of Torment dies.

Deep in the Catacombs of Torment, <player name> has struck down the Curator of Torment, forcing him again for a time into his prison in the abyss of Portalspace
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