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Introduced:  Shedding Skin Related Quests:  Aetheria Quest
Cypher the Apprentice
Non-Player Killer
Cypher the Apprentice Live.jpg
Race Male Aluvian
Title Apprentice Alchemist
Location 41.8S 15.8E in Xarabydun
Level 87
Strength 120
Endurance 130
Coordination 195
Quickness 120
Focus 260
Self 260
Health 65
Stamina 140
Mana 260


Turn Ins

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
File:Aetheria Powder Icon.png Aetheria Powder (10)
Trade Note (250,000) Icon.png Trade Note (250,000)
Aetheria Powder (Red) Icon.png Aetheria Powder (Red) (10)
Mana Forge Key Icon.png Mana Forge Key

Lore & Dialog

Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "With our research into the Menhir Mana Fields we've been able to triangulate the source of the altered mana signatures."
Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "This source appears to be the home to an ancient Empyrean facility used to strengthen their connections with the world's mana flow."
Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "Our use of magics without understanding the proper connection to the ley lines and Dereth has left each of our personal mana fields in disarray."
Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "Research indicates that the only way to access the power of Aetheria, as we believe the ancient Empyreans did, is to align your mana field with that of the world."
Cypher the Apprentice gives you Aligned Mana Stone.
Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "This device is used to form a conduit between yourself and certain pure mana fields. Other mana drawing creatures in the area of a mana field will prevent purity."
Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "Use this modified mana stone when you're in the presence of a cleansed mana field in the facility."
Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "You will need to align yourself with the mana flow of each floor first and then the central mana field of that floor."
Cypher the Apprentice tells you, "The entrance of the facility can be located at 46.2S, 71.8W where recent exploration exposed a previously inert portal."