Introduced:  Flesh and Blood Related Quests:  Elysa's Favor Quest
Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan
Text Icon Academy Letter
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 5
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 5 of 5 pages full.
  • A letter from Dame Tsaya to Sir Rylanan, in Holtburg.

Sir Rylanan,

I write my update to you with great fear and concern for the townsfolk of Yaraq. My last update to you recorded the arrival of a stranger new to town, who moved into the abandoned villa past the al-Luq residence. I have just learned that he recently encouraged the bearer of this message to visit a "friend" of his in the Darkened Halls to the north of here. Once there, the adventurer who stands before you was attacked on all sides by a party of Hollow Minions, who were obviously lying in ambush for unwary explorers. There was a terrible device in the depths of the Halls,

ostensibly created to extract a living being's vitals from his own skin, leaving only a perfect human epidermis. One such human husk has been delivered to me, and I must report that the ghastly sight of it has not left me unshaken. I have reserved the remains for proper burial-I cannot imagine the final tortures this poor soul must have been subjected to before his final passing.

What disturbs me the most is that I cannot discern a purpose for these atrocities. Who could find a need for these revolting trophies?

What's more, Sir Tenshin has written me with news from Shoushi. It seems strange happenings are not unique to Yaraq at this time. I include the text from his message below.

The Queen has promised that once stability returns to the region she will recall us to her side. I look forward to sharing a tankard of ale with you then.



(Copy of a letter to Dame Tsaya from Sir Tenshin)

Dame Tsaya,
It is with a great deal of stress and trepidation that I update you on the latest developments here in Shoushi. I have had reports that a farmer living on the outskirts of town had recently been acting extremely strangely--acting genially towards his customers one minute, then shouting and berating them in the next. What's more, he claimed to have come into a large inheritance-which is odd, because everyone in town knows his parents remained in Ispar.

After interviewing the farmer, the bearer of this message found a trap door towards the rear of his house, leading down to a seeminly innocuous cellar. However, a large cache of weapons was found behind a hidden doorway as well as stacks of Guard uniforms.

Now I ask you, Tsaya, how could this farmer store such a large arsenal and obtain these obviously stolen uniforms? There must be breach in our security-the Queen must be notified at once.



You give Dame Tsaya Human Husk.

Appalled, Dame Tsaya gingerly handles the human husk and covers it with a linen cloth.

Dame Tsaya tells you, "You found this in the Darkened Halls? Poor soul. I can only wonder what he went through in his last tortures. What dark intent could spur the Hollow Minions into committing such an atrocity? No wonder that stranger asked you so nicely to visit his comrades in those Halls--he must have been seeded here to send weak, innocent victims to their deaths--luckily he failed in taking your measure. I must write Sir Rylanan immediately and alert him to the crimes being committed here."

Dame Tsaya tells you, "Please take this letter to Sir Rylanan in Holtburg. He must know immediately of the terrible crimes that are being committed here in Yaraq."

Dame Tsaya gives you Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan.

Dame Tsaya tells you, "I must now reward you for your discoveries here today."

<Reward varies based on order quest is completed in.>

You give Sir Rylanan Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan.

Sir Rylanan reads the letter from Dame Tsaya with great interest and growing concern.

Sir Rylanan tells you, "What terrible news! It sounds as if Tsaya has her hands full down in Yaraq. A human husk, torn from a living being, I shudder to think of it."

Sir Rylanan tells you, "Well, I have had some interesting times myself. I've recently been assigned to Holtburg to build a garrision and be on the lookout for suspicious happenings. There is one fellow on the outskirts of town that I've been keeping my eye on. He's just moved here from Marae Lassel and sometimes comes into town for provisions. He says he's been "reformed", but I can spot a bandit when I see one! Townsfolk say they've spotted shady-looking guests coming and going from his house at odd hours. Could you go check on him? His house lies to the northwest of town, past the Holtburg West Training Academy."

You give Dame Tsaya Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan.

Dame Tsaya tells you, "This letter is addressed to Sir Rylanan. You should take it to him in Holtburg."

Dame Tsaya gives you Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan.

You give Sir Tenshin Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan.

Sir Tenshin tells you, "This letter is addressed to Sir Rylanan. You should take it to him in Holtburg."

Sir Tenshin gives you Dame Tsaya's Letter to Sir Rylanan.

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