Dardante's Viamontian Propaganda
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  • A pamphlet handed out by Count Dardante following a raid by Commander Kurth.

Rejoice, for your salvation has come at last! Cast off the shackles of loyalty to your upstart queen, and instead follow one of royal blood - King Varicci II.

On Ispar, Aluvia prospered under the reign of Viamont. Why should it not be the same here, in a foreign land beset with enemies on all sides? And, truly, what has Elysa done besides shoot an Olthoi many years ago? Consort with great powers who dragged us here against our will in the first place. Leave her people to fight the monsters of this world rather than protecting them as a monarch should. In times of need, be virtually impossible to find, sequestered away while her people seek her aid.

For those who have not committed acts against the throne, Viamont offers great reward in return for service. The illusion is that the Bloodless who serve Viamont do not get rewarded. Several free companies are in service to Viamont and can attest to the regular pay and benefits they receive. And there is one Bloodless that your upstart would term a traitor who is merely a victim of attempts to discredit her.

She gave you the housing many of you use on this world. She gave you new lifestones in places where none existed before. She gave you the Noble Weapons which helped turn the tide against the Burun. But your upstart would call her a traitor and try to smear her name. I call her a wise colleague who will help us better life on this continent for all Isparians.

Consider why you fight in this war. Consider the side you serve, and then consider Viamont. A sane alternative in an insane world.


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