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Introduced:  Toward Ancient Shores Related Quests:  See Below
Dark Isle

Dark Isle


A deep rumble shakes Dereth as the Dark Isle begins its slow rise from the bottom of the sea.
In the depths below the Temple of N'cthail, the Soul Crystal of the Dark Isle shatters! The ancient Falatacot seals fall away as the flows of magic north of Vissidal slowly right themselves.

Long ago, Grael, the Black Spear of the Kemeroi, chose to sleep. The place he chose to sleep was an isle north of here, north of Vissidal Isle. His presence covered the island in Shadow, and the isle soon came to be called the Dark Isle. Those Falatacot who followed the Old One, N'cthail took a chance and used ancient seals to sink the isle below the waves. It was their hope that none would ever wake Grael and that this world would be free of him forever. Now, however, that wish has been undone by another. -- Kiriel Shadowborn

Dark Isle Creature Spawns[]

Unique to Dark Isle, all creatures spawn in pods of 4. One of the four will spawn a boss creature plus two more of its own kind on death. These boss creatures always drop a trophy worth at least 13 million xp (the ones from the inner island are worth 17). Additionally, killing the boss kills the additional monsters summoned by the boss if you do not kill them first. The death is by "fate," which means that you must wait to loot them until the timer is up. There are three NPCs that accept these trophies, each gives a different item reward.


  • Access to Dark Isle is accomplished via the Dark Isle Flagging quest. It is recommended you lifestone on Dark Isle, there is no convenient portal back. Portals do exist though, on the far east end of Vissidal Island at 75.8N 70.2E (Vissidal Portal to Dark Isle) or you can also repeat the flagging quest. Dark Isle has a portal to Vissidal near the lifestone.


NPC Name Location Type Details
Francois di Terli 85.2N, 57.6E Collector Relic Armor
The Deep (Dark Isle) 85.5N, 57.2E Collector Relic Armor
Tyrina of Arwic 84.7N, 58.7E Collector Relic Armor - Replaced Kitana Oazaka during the Unfinished Business event.

Related Quests[]


Black Coral Heart Icon Black Coral HeartFalatacot Battle Report Icon Falatacot Battle ReportCorrupted Essence (Trophy) Icon Corrupted Essence (Trophy)Lesser Corrupted Essence Icon Lesser Corrupted EssenceShattered Mana Forge Key Icon Shattered Mana Forge Key

Landscape Items

Rock (Dark Isle) Icon Rock (Dark Isle)Black Coral Icon Black Coral

Points of Interest[]


  • 84.6N, 58.6E



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Abyssal Totem Temple 86.5N, 57.3E 0098 0098.gif -- Splitting Grael (High)
Sclavus Tunnels 92.3N 55.5E C4F2 C4F2.gif -- Radiant Mana Infusion Quest
Trial of the Deep 85.5N 57.2E -- -- Ithaenc Quiddity Ingot Purification‎
Vaeshok's Cave 86.9N 59.7E -- -- Defeating Vaeshok


Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.

Golem Icon Golem

Mukkir Icon Mukkir

Niffis Icon Niffis

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