Introduced:  Throne of Destiny
Dart Flicker
Dart Flicker Icon
  • Value: 50,000
  • Burden: 400
  • Skill: Missile Weapons (Thrown Weapon)
  • Damage Bonus: 0 (7)
  • Elemental Damage Bonus: 15, Slashing
  • Damage Modifier: +190%
  • Speed: Fast (15) (0)
  • Range: 65 yds.
  • Uses atlatl darts as ammunition.
  • Bonus to Melee Defense: +18.0% (+38.0%)
  • Spells: Aura of Incantation of Swift Killer, Epic Endurance, Epic Missile Weapon Aptitude, Incantation of Quickness Self, Incantation of Missile Weapon Mastery Self, Aura of Incantation of Defender, Epic Blood Thirst
  • Properties: Slash Rending, Biting Strike
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • Rare #251
  • Spellcraft: 350.
  • Mana: 2,000.
  • Mana Cost: 1 point per 30 seconds.
  • A piece of the Heroic Destroyer set.

    A menacing looking atlatl with spikes potruding from the cup. By the looks of the intricately carved designs this atlatl once belonged to someone of great import, who probably did not actually use the weapon very often. Wealthy nobles of Milantos took great pleasure in collecting gaudily decorated weapons, but left most of the killing to their minions. For all of that, however, this is a very well-crafted atlatl, and would make an excellent weapon if anyone decided to make it more useful than ornamental...
Dart Flicker Live


Update History

Shedding Skin

  • Now part of the Heroic Destroyer Set.
  • Dropped on Death property removed.
  • Damage modified increased from 150% to 190%.
  • Damage bonus changed from 23 to 0.
  • Elemental Damage Bonus added.
  • Melee modifier increased from 11% to 18%.
  • Value increased from 3,200 to 50,000.
  • Spells updated

Master of Arms

  • Skill changed from Thrown Weapons to Missile Weapons and spells adjusted accordingly.
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